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“Keep Your Alcohol In The Radiator; Christmas 1937 – Two Dead, 67 Injured, 126 Accidents; Christmas 1938?” Toronto Star. December 23, 1938. Page 02.

“The stage is set.  Icy streets, poor visibility; nature has provided the perils.  Unless Toronto is to suffer another Black Christmas, drivers must exert utmost caution.  Careless driving, driving after drinking, mean wrecks like these.  Each of one of the cars show in this composite photograph has figured in a fatal accident.  Authorities have made every effort to reduce the traffic toll.  Those who drive take warning: if you drive, don’t drink; if you drink, don’t drive.  Make Toronto’s Christmas for 1938 a white one.”

Anti-drunk driving ad from 1938.

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Alfred KubinThe Last King (Der Letzte König). Date: c. 1900-03. Ink on woven paper. MoMA Number: 603.1964. Source.

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Paul Klee, A Man Sinking Before the Crown (Ein Mann versinkt vor der Krone), from the series Inventions (Inventionen). Date: 1904. Etching and aquatint on woven paper. Printer: Max Girardet, Bern. Kornfeld 14 II b. Soby 4. Klee 181. MoMA Number: 333.1941. Source.

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“On Wednesday, The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the country’s federal telecommunications regulator, announced its decision that all citizens should be connected to high-speed broadband.

This is big news because despite years of promises, moving targets, and half-baked programs, Canada’s internet remains slow and expensive compared to the rest of the developed world. Moreover, broadband access in Northern and rural areas, including First Nations communities, remains a persistent problem.

“We are establishing as a universal service objective that Canadians in remote and rural areas, as well as urban centres, should have access to voice services and broadband internet access services on fixed and mobile wireless networks,” CRTC commissioner Jean-Pierre Blais said in a press conference.”

– Jordan Pearson, “Everyone Should Have High-Speed Internet Access, CRTC Rules,” VICE. December 21, 2016.

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Alfred Kubin, Untitled (The Eternal Flame) (Ohne Titel [Die ewige Flamme]). Date:(c. 1900). Watercolor and ink on woven paper. MoMA Number: 599.1964. Source.

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Paul Klee, Aged Phoenix (Greiser Phoenix) from the series Inventions (Inventionen). Date: 1905. Etching. Printed by Max Girardet, Bern; proof of state I, before the edition of approx. 41. Kornfeld 17 I. Soby unnumbered. Klee 226.
MoMA Number: 342.1951. Source.

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“Needs A Little Help With The Fuse,” Toronto Star. December 19, 1938. Page 04, editorial. 

Editorial cartoon showing Adolf Hitler asking John Bull and the Bank of England to “Lend Me A Match, Gentlemen?” as he stands holding a fuse labelled ‘War Preparations’ connected to a bomb behind the representatives of the British Empire labelled ‘The Next War’.

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“Four Suspects Caught After Smash and Grab Robbery / Oakville: Chief David Kerr Drew Gun In Capturing Fleeing Trio,” Toronto Star. December 19, 1938. Page 06.

Two stories about crime relating to Hamilton youths and break and enters in the ‘Local and District News’ section of the Toronto Star.

On the left: “Brick Used To Break Window For Midnight Crime. Four Hamilton Youths were arrested early Sunday morning after a wild chase which for two of them ended in the icy water of Hamilton Bay.  They were charged with the smash and grab robbery at midnight last night of the J. H. Chapman jewelry store in Burlington.  It was alleged the four young men had stolen a car in Hamilton, driven to Burlington and smashed the store window with a brick.  They were captured after the car ran out of gasoline on the Burlington Beach cut-off.  Two of the youth are shown being taken into custody, LEFT ABOVE.  The other two took to the water but were captured by officers who waded after them.  The smashed window of the jewelry store is shown at RIGHT.  The brick can be seen at the left of the window.”

On the right: “Chief David Kerr Drew Gun In Capturing Fleeing Trio. Hamilton Men Arrested Following Burglar Alarm From Ross Residence. ‘JIMMIE’ IS FOUND.  Oakville, Dec. 19 – Prompt action by Chief Constable David Kerr of Oakville resulted in the arrest of three Hamilton youths.  They are charged with attempting to break into the home of Allan Ross, east of here early Sunday morning.  The arrested youths are: Nick Nahirly, 19; Joe Lazio, 22; both of Kenilworth Ave., and George Olensick, 18, of Wallace Ave., Hamilton. 

The young men appeared before the Justice of the Peace J. B. Most today and were remanded in custody.  They are jointly charged with breaking and entering.  
“When a ‘jimmie’ was used on a door in the Ross house it sounded a burglar alarm in the gardener’s cottage.  I was called and when I appeared on the scene the youths were attempting to enter their car which was parked on the Lake Shore Rd., a short distance from the residence,” the chief revealed.

‘One youth tried to make a run for it but I drew my gun and called on him to stop.  He did,’ said the chief.

Screw drivers, a ‘jimmie’ and flashlight were found in the possession of the young men, the chief reported. 

‘When they were searched in the police station here we found bullets for a .22 calibre revolver on one of the men,’ the chief said. Police have been unable to find a gun.  

Constable Lewis Patterson, Bronte, assisted in the investigation.  

Mr. Ross’ home was broken into last January.  Police arrested two men in an upstairs room at that time.”

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“3 Armed Bandits Get Away in Auto After Robbing Bank / Trio of Robbers Escape with $2,055 from Branch Bank,” The Toronto Globe. December 19, 1933. Page 11 & 12. 

The victims and witnesses of a brazen armed robbery of the Harbord and Spadina branch of the Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto. 

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Max KlingerThe Philosopher (Der Philosoph) (plate, preceding p. 97) from the periodical Pan, vol. 1, no. 2 (Jul-Aug 1895). Aquatint and etching. Publisher: Genossenschaft Pan GmbH, Berlin, Printed by Otto Felsing, Berlin. MoMA Number: 511.1953. Source.

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“Researchers are documenting Sahtu Dene caribou fences in the Northwest Territories, marking a physical record of Indigenous history in the area.

Tom Andrews, an archeologist with the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife, is documenting a kilometre-long wooden fence believed to have been used about 100 years ago in the Sahtu region.

“It’s a real smart hunting strategy that’s probably been used for thousands of years,” Andrews said.”

Archaeologists document Dene caribou fences in N.W.T,CBC News. December 19, 2016. 

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“Gift of Freedom Early in New Year Awaits ‘Red’ Ryan; Notorious Bank Robber and ‘Bad Man,’  Now, It Is Believed, a Thoroughly Reformed Character, To Be Granted Ticket-of-Leave,” The Toronto Globe. December 18, 1934. Page 01 & 02.

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“Patient Detectives Rewarded In Wait On Shoeless Woman; Cold Nips Stockinged Feet, So Accused Returns Home, Where Officers Effect Arrest – Couple Charged with Department Store Theft – Husband Is Caught With Alleged Loot,” The Toronto Globe. December 18, 1934. Page 04.

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Alfred KubinThe Emperor of China. Date: (c. 1910). Pen and ink on woven paper. MoMA Number: 604.1964. Source.

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Robert Capa, “Combate en la Ciudad Universitaria [Battle in University City].” Gelatin plate reproduction, December 17, 1936. Source.

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