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August 12, 2017: a new episode of The Anatomy Lesson at 11pm EST on CFRC 101.9 FM. As it’s Wolfe Island Music Festival today, I have to assume anyone not there would like, instead, to listen to harsh noise, drone and industrial music instead. Music and words by massmarriage, Fabrice Masson-Goulet, Violence and the Sacred, Tasaday, Sleep Clinic, Anji Cheung, + more. Content warning for tonight’s show! Check out the setlist below, tune in at 101.9 on your FM dial, stream at http://audio.cfrc.ca:8000/listen.pls or download the finished show at cfrc.ca or on mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/cameronwillis1232/the-anatomy-lesson-august-12-2017/

The Rita + Wilt – “Dead Wife of Hitchcock” Werewolf in the Black Space (2008)
Anji Cheung – “Flesh in Sacrifice & Love” Diamond Hand (2017)
Aischroletreia – “Parasite Guard” Sentient Prison (2013)
East End Butchers – “Butchers/Assassins/Psychiatrist Takes Wine” One Stop Shopping (1981)
In Solitary Confinement – “Untitled A1” The Strong Survive (1989)
Fabrice Masson-Goblet – “F&F/ Intermède /Leçon de mathématique/I did everything for you” J’ai mâle (2017)

Loss of Head – “Sophisticated Incineration” Standard Response (1979)
Tasaday – “Nel Labirinto” L’Eterna Risata (1991)
Violence and the Sacred – “Dull Knife, Dull Life; Sharp Knife, Short Life / Now A God Dances Through Me” Dull Knife Dull Life (1988)
Sleep Clinic – “Geomancy” A Chance, A Curse (2013)
Mass Marriage – “Dip in Pool” Untitled (2017)
Skin Graft – “Jettison” Condition (2017)

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