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“Balkan Hero Sentenced,” Toronto Globe. March 28, 1914. Page 07.

Is Given Three Years for Stabbing Fellow-countryman.

Paul Metkoff, a Balkan war hero, was a thirst for blood which seems hand to satisfy, who yesterday he was sentenced to three years in the Kingston Penitentiary for stabbing a fellow-countryman, George Gloffkoff, with whom he had been living for five months. When he learned his sentence he became very violent and yelled and shouted in a frantic manner.

Metkoff, who is only nineteen years old, quarrelled with Gloffkoff over the latter’s wife, and the result was that Gloffkoff was severely stabbed in the neck.

For a whole hour the prisoner kept up a roar of rage, in his cell and when Detective Elliott went in to have him photographed and measured he had a severe tussel with the man, who acted like a madman. He was covered with blood caused by hurling himself against the iron bars and rolling on the floor.

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