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“In The Seats of Royalty,” New York Times. November 23, 1943. Newsclipping.

“Cpl. Joseph Barber of Girard, O., is ‘king’ and Lieut. Maryellen McCutcheon of Birmingham, Mich., the ‘queen’ in this little tableau photographed in the throne room of one of the royal palaces in Naples, Pvt. William Dato, Hoboken, N. J.; Pvt., William Montgomery, Detroit, and Cpl. Thomas Shaw, New York, are ‘courtiers.’

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“The Revolution of Sicily,” in The Illustrated London News, July 7, 1860.

Top: “Massacre of people by the royal troops at the Convent of the White Benedictines, Palermo. – From a Sketch by Frank Vizetelly. See Supplement, Page 19. 

Above: Volunteers on board the ‘Washington’ proceeding to Palermo. – From a Sketch by T. Nast. – See Supplement, Page 19.  (caption notes Captain Feard (Garibaldi’s ‘Englishman’) and Captain de Rohan.)

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