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Boy Harsher, Country Girl. Ascetic House, 2017.

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March 10, 2018: a new episode of The Anatomy Lesson at 11pm EST on CFRC 101.9 FM. Music by This Mortal Coil, Ganser, Spoiled Drama, Nadah El Shazly ندى الشاذلي, Grace Jones, Boy Harsher, Maximum Joy + more. Check out the setlist below, tune in at 101.9 on your FM dial, stream at http://audio.cfrc.ca:8000/listen.pls or listen to the archive at cfrc.ca or on mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/cameronwillis1232/the-anatomy-lesson-march-10-2018/

Emily Berregaard – “Dreamless Sleep (LXV)” Hallowed (2017)
Earthbound – “Protection Spell” The Flood (2016)
Torture Team – “Hysteria-Ha-Ha” Torture Team (2017)
Ganser – “Pyrrhic Victory” This Feels Like Living (2016)
Nadah El Shazly – “Palmyra” Ahwar (2017)
Algae Guck – “Erect Your Tomb” Naked Skeleton (2017)
Boy Harsher – “Motion” Country Girl (2017)
Maximum Joy – "In The Air (12" mix)“ In The Air (1982)
Grace Jones – "Demolition Man” Nightclubbing (1981)
Spoiled Drama – “Kisses Are Out Of Fashion” This Is Our Mission (2017)
Comme À La Radio – “Quiet Mechanism” The Siding World (2017)
This Mortal Coil – “Dreams Are Like Water” Blood (1991)

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