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“Two Years at Kingston,” Toronto Globe. September 12, 1918. Page 03.

Highway Robber Pleaded Not to be Sent Back to Burwash.

(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Brantford, Sept. 11 – Clarence Brackenbury was sentenced to two years in the Penitentiary at Kingston by Judge Hardy to-day, on charges of highway robbery while in possession of a loaded revolver, of theft, and of damage to a St. George schoolhouse. He and a young lad set out as Dick Turpins on stolen bicycles, and held up a farmer near St. George. Brackenbury had previously broken jail at Simcoe, and was captured again at Burwash. He begged for a chance to go overseas, and when this was refused, pleaded not to be sent to Burwash, where, he alleged, he had been badly treated, the food he claimed, being very bad. His request was granted, and he will go to Kingston for two years.

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“Farmer Is Held Up: His Team Taken,” Toronto Globe. August 8, 1918. Page 10.

But the Highway Robbers Are Soon Captured – Boy and Escaped Prisoner.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
Brantford, Aug. 7. – John Corton of St. George was held up on the St. George road and his team taken away at the point of a revolver last night. County Constable Taylor and P. C. Thomas went out and in a short time arrested Clarence Brackenbury and a lad named A. Lemon of 17 Able avenue. The latter, being under fourteen years of age, was let go. Brackenbury was remanded this morning for a week. Just prior to being arrested the two were said to be on their way to Waterford. The theft of two bicycles is being charged, as well as carrying concealed weapons and causing damage to schoolhouse property on the St. George road.

Brackenbury is said to be an escaped prisoner from Burwash Farm, having served two months of a year’s sentence before he escaped.

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“Cattle Thieves Get Two Years,” Toronto Globe. June 18, 1918. Page 14.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
Brantford, June 17. – William Thompson and Lorenzo Young were to-day sentenced to two years in the penitentiary by Judge Hardy on the charge of cattle thieving. The complainant was John Lampkin of Langford, and the theft took place from his barn on February 22 last. Three head of cattle were removed, but later recovered on the Hamilton road a few miles from Lampkin’s place. Evidence given by H. Ireland showed that the cattle were brought to him by the defendants. A charge was first laid against Ireland, but later dismissed. J. J. Hust, Hamilton, appeared for the prisoners.

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“O’Neill Whimpered at the First Stroke,” Toronto Globe. March 12, 1914. Page 09.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
BRANTFORD, March 11. – Mike O’Neill, the Austrian who was given ten lashes at the county jail this morning, having been sentenced for ill-treating his wife, is now under the care of Dr. Palmer, jail surgeon, having collapsed. He whimpered at the first stroke, and then broke down utterly, which was greatly different from the stoicism show by the Indian who was given the lashes recently for wife-beating.

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“Constable Held Up,” Toronto World. January 1, 1909. Page 08.

Highwayman Said He Was Driven to Act by Hunger.

BRANTFORD, Dec. 31. – (Special) – Constable Portland, while in civilian clothes, was held up here last night on Dalhousie-street by Garfield McCrae, who demanded his wad.

The hold-up evidently mistook his man, as Portland arrested him after a lively fight.

The prisoner, who said he was suffering from hunger, was sentenced to thirty days this morning by Magistrate Livingston.

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