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“British Soldiers Have Narrow Escape In Palestine,” Ottawa Citizen. November 5, 1938. Page 05.

A patrol of the 1st Battalion, Royal Scots, examining a crater in the road caused by a land mine which exploded just after a lorry had passed over it. The picture was taken near Nablus. – Official photograph, by air from Palestine to London.

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“Jews Mourn Arab Victims,” The Globe and Mail. October 24, 1938. Page 02.

His arms upraised in supplication and flanked by sorrowing Jews clad in the typical farmer’s garb for their new land, this rabbi is conducting funeral services for a score of Jews, mostly women and children, who were slain in Tiberias, Palestine. Oct. 18 saw the establishment of British martial law in an effort to bring peace to the land of the Prince of Peace.

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“A L’ABRI DES BALLES ARABES,” Le Soleil. October 21, 1938. Page 01.

Cinq policiers juifs, qui s’étaient réfugiés dans cette voiture blindée, ont pu tenir tête pendant une heure a
80 Arabes venus les attaquer. Les Juifs continuent de s’armer le mieux possible, car la guerre en Palestine prend
chaque jour de plus grandes proportions. La loi martiale est maintenant appliquée dans plusieurs villes de la
Terre-Sainte, et les Anglais font des efforts désespérés pour rétablir I ordre. 

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“Farmers Almost Must Be Fighters In The Holy Land,” Ottawa Citizen. August 10, 1938. Page 01.

The day foreseen by the Hebrew prophet when his people would beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, has not yet come. Here are depicted Jewish farmers in the Holy Land who today have to till and reap their fields with the implements of peace at the same time as they have to guard their lives with the implements of war. They are going to their day’s work with farm tools and rifles, prepared to defend themselves against attack from Arabs.

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“Jews on Guard In Strife-Ridden Palestine,” Ottawa Citizen. August 5, 1938. Page 05.

In Palestine, where as a result of the growing strife every Jew suspects every Arab and every Arab suspects every Jew, the dramatic episode shown above was recorded by the camera. Out of the black desert night, a robed Arab approached the barbed-wire barrier which guards a Jewish settlement near Jerusalem. Two armed Jewish sentinels promptly placed their rifles in a position to shoot, while a third questioned the Arab. After a long cross-examination and a search, the Arab was finally permitted to enter the senttlement to get medical attention from a Jewish doctor there.

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“Arabs Smash Fence Along The Palestine-Syria Border,” Ottawa Citizen. July 26, 1938. Page 14.

Damage estimated at $50,000 was caused to the Palestine-Syria border wall when Arab gangs swept down a Jewish community recently, also taking a heavy toll of lives. Roads were blown up and in one locality villagers were forced to aid in the destruction of the wall. Photo shows the havoc wrought, the huge boulders making the work of reconstruction more difficult. Workers can be seen repairing the fence, known as ‘Tegar’s Wall.’

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“British Police Count Holy Land Dead,” Ottawa Citizen. July 25, 1938. Page 03.

With the Holy Land in the grip of a new outbreak of Jew-Arab clashes, tension reached a high point when a bomb exploded in a crowded marketplace in Jerusalem, killing fifteen Arabs and wounding forty-two others. In the photo above, British police and members of the Black Watch, rushed to Palestine to preserve order, remove the bodies of the victims.

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