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“Camp Borden Sees Battle,” Ottawa Evening Citizen, August 27, 1937. Page 03.

“Camp Borden resounded to the sound of battle as the Royal Canadian Regiment staged maneuvers.  On one side of the sandy dunes were the ‘enemy’ (above) waiting for the attack.  The onslaught came with tanks (below).  But the sounds of fighting were limited to the rumble of war machines and barked commands of officers.  Rifle, artillery and anti-tank fire were imaginary and no cases of shellshock were reported.”

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“Two Years For Stealing Auto From Barrie,” Toronto Globe. October 11, 1916. Page 11.

S. T. Russell Was Discharged from American Legion – His Companion Held.

(Special Despatch to The Globe)
Barrie, Oct. 10 – This afternoon Sherman T. Russell of Massachusetts, who pleaded guilty to stealing J. A. MacLaren’s automobile, was sentenced to two years in Kingston Penitentiary by Police Magistrate Radenhurst. Russell was discharged from the American Legion at Camp Borden on September 30, and stole the car from the postoffice square the same night, driving to Hamilton, where he was arrested on Tuesday night. With him when arrested was a man who gave his name as Walter Davis of Toledo, Ohio. He was acquitted of complicity in stealing the car, but evidence showed that he had enlisted with the 213th Battalion as Walter Dewberry, deserted from that unit in September, and signed up with the 153th Battalion at London as Walter Doyle. When arrested he was in mufti, and had overstayed his pass two days. He is being held here pending action by the military authorities.

“2 1-2 Year Terms For Jail-Breakers,” Toronto Globe. October 11, 1916. Page 11.

Two Men at Guelph Had Tried To Escape – Broke Out of Reformatory.

(Special Despatch to The Globe)
Guelph, Oct. 10. – John Smith and Orville Ellis, who made a desperate effort to escape from the County Jail on Sunday afternoon, were charged in the Police Court this morning with having escaped from the Ontario Reformatory on October 4. Both had been sent to the Reformatory on September 28, and remained there only six days. They both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to two years in the Kingston Penitentiary. They were then charged with assaulting George Everson, turnkey at the County Jail. On this charge they were found guilty, and six months was added to their sentences. Ellis is a tinsmith from Chatham and Smith is registered as a farm from Thamesville.   

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“L’armée canadienne à Montréal,” La Patrie. September 12, 1938. Page 08.

“Prés de deux mille soldats qui ont pris part aux exercises militaires au camp Borden, récement, sont passés par

Montréal ou ils ont bivouaqué au manège militaire de la rue Craig.  On voit ci-dessous le colonel H. Westmorland, R.C.A., S.C., qui avait le commandement de toutes les troupes.”

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