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“Aylmer Man Is Arrested After Lengthy Search,” Ottawa Citizen. October 26, 1938. Page 01 & 04.

Rene Longpre, 24, Who Brutally Attacked Guard, Is Taken in Clarence Street Rooming House.

Dyeing of Hair Fails To Fool Police Officer

Accused Is Turned Over to Quebec Authorities After Capture by Detective Sabourin.

A three-month search for Rene Longpre, 24-year-old Aylmer resident, who escaped from the Aylmer jail after brutally attacking a guard, ended shortly before noon today when the long-wanted youth was taken into custody in a Clarence street rooming house by Detective Ernest Sabourin, of the Ottawa police.

Pauline Huneault, 19, of 50 Rouville street, Hull, who was arrested about an hour after Longpre, admitted to Chief Decosse of the Hull Police that she was an accomplice of Longpre when the home of Mr. and Mrs. Redmond D. Macdonald at Aylmer was robbed on October 16th and the inmates assaulted.

The girl told the police that she and Longpre went to Aylmer on the bus early in the evening and hid in the bushes near the Macdonald home until about 11.30 p.m. They they entered and, being surprised by Mrs. Macdonald, attacked her.

The sum of $55 and a gold watch was stolen from the Macdonald home. The watch was located in the Ottawa Lower Town rooming house in which Longpre and Miss Huneault were found.

Chief Decosse said other arrests may be made.

Hair Was Dyed
When arrested, Longpre was found to have dyed his hair and to have grown a moustache. He had also been wearing glasses. The disguise did not fool the Ottawa detective. Going under the name of Lucien Raymond, Longpre at first denied he was the wanted man, and put up quite an argument. He did not resist arrest otherwise. Detective Sabourin took him to the police station and booked him on a charge of vagrancy. Longpre was turned over this afternoon to Chief Eugene Decosse of the Quebec provincial police in Hull, and Chief Delbert Dumoulin, of the Aylmer police.

Assault on Jail Guard
The Aylmer youth who had been originally arrested by Chief Dumoulin for the Ontario provincial police for cattle rustling in Carleton county, escaped from the Aylmer jail on July 21, shortly after his arrest. He made his getaway after beating the guard. Fred Leon, 35, of Aylmer, over the head and face with a soft drink bottle. Leon had both jaws fractured. Longpre disappeared in the woods alongside the Ottawa river and eluded a posse which searched the whole district for weeks.

Searched Rooming House
It was learned today that Longpre came to Ottawa early in August and had stayed in various Lower Town rooming houses since that time. Information was received by police that the wanted youth was hanging around the city and several rooming houses were searched without success. 

At 11.30 o’clock this morning, Detective Sabourin walked into a Clarence street rooming house and found Longpre in bed.

Longpre will be arraigned tomorrow morning on the jailbreaking and assault charges. A week’s remand likely will be asked by police.

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“Provincial Police In Aylmer Manhunt,” Ottawa Citizen. July 28, 1938. Page 04.

Chase Has Been One-Man Affair Up to Now, With Town Chief Doing All Work.

For the first time since the search has been on for Rene Longpre, Aylmer jailbreaker and fugitive from justice on a cattle rustling charge, the Quebec provincial police in the Hull district have been authorized to take part in the manhunt, The Citizen was informed today. There is a possibility that Eugene Decosse, chief of the provincial detachment in Hull, will enlist the aid of the Royal Canadian mounted police. He planned today to confer with officers of the criminal investigation bureau of the Mounted.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been reported as having participated in the search, but it was learned today that the force has taken no active part.

Ald. F. L. Pilgrim, chairman of the Aylmer police commission, said today that the hunt has been a ‘one-man’ hunt, with Chief Delbert Dumoulin of the Aylmer police doing all the hunting. With the provincial force ready to step in and the aid of the Mounted likely to be enlisted it is felt in official circles that Longpre’s freedom will be short. If he is caught he will be lodged in the county jail in Hull.

Insofar as the manhunt is concerned, the presence in Hull today of Col. P. A. Piuze, director of the Quebec provincial police, had no significance. The director is in hull arranging for the centralization of the Hull district detachment of the force.

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Hiding North of Aylmer Fired On, Makes Escape,” Ottawa
. July 25, 1938. Page 02.

Thought To Be Rene Longpre, Who Broke Jail, Gets Away Although Surrounded.

A man, believed by police to be Rene Longpre, 24-year-old resident of Aylmer
who escaped from the Aylmer jail while awaiting trial on a charge of cattle
rustling, was discovered hiding in a clump of bushes about two miles north of
Aylmer on Saturday evening, by a posse of 30 men, headed by Inspector Prevost
of the Quebec provincial police, Chief Delbert Dumoulin of Aylmer and Ald. F.
L. Pilgrim. The man managed to avoid capture, however, despite the firing of
three shots, two over his head, and one at him.

posse which had been conducting an active search in the Aylmer distirct, ever
since Longpre slugged Guard Fred Leon, over the head with a soft drink bottle
and made his escape, were in receipt of reports early Saturday afternoon that a
man answering Longpre’s description had been seen crossing the highway about
two miles from Aylmer.

Posse Surrounds Bush.
At once the members of the posse proceeded to the district where the wanted man
had been last seen and surrounded the heavy bush there. A group of the men were
detailed to stand watch around the bush while another group entered into the
thicket and carefully covered every foot of ground. As the search was
proceeding about seven o’clock, Ald. A. O. Routliffe, who was stationed on the
outskirts of the bush, spotted a young man slinking along a ditch by the side
of the road. The adlerman at once signaled to Inspector Prevost who, running to
the scene, shouted to the man to halt.

The man, hearing the shout, turned
and at once started to run away. The officer fired two shots over the head of
the running man, and, when no heed was taken to order to halt, Prevost fired a
shot at the legs of the man. Just as the third shot rang out, the man, believed
to be Longpre, fell and the officer, thinking he had been struck, raced up to
capture him. Before he could do this, however, the man rose to his feet and ran
into the heavy brush.

Signs of Blood
Other members of the posse, hearing the shot, at once centered on the point
where the man was last seen but despite a very careful search of the area, no
signs of him were found. A careful check of the spot where stumbled was made,
but no signs of blood were found on the ground and it is thought that the man
stumbled on the rough ground and the bullet missed him.

Officials pointed out that the man,
if Longpre as they believed, had somehow or other secured a change of clothing.
When he escaped he was wearing a pair of grey flannel pants. When seen on
Saturday night he was wearing a brown suit, complete.

When darkness fell on Saturday the
search was given up, only a few members of the posse remaining on duty guarding
the area.

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“Man Wanted for Cattle Rustling Beats Aylmer Jailer and Gets Away,” Ottawa Citizen. July 21, 1938. Page 01 & 2.

Rene Longre, 24, of Aylmer, Held for Ontario Police, Knocks Fred Leon, 35, Guard, Unconscious and Escapes.

Unmerciful Beating With Glass Bottle

Fire Siren Summons Posse Which Begins Search of Woods Under Chief Dumoulin.

Knocking the guard at the Aylmer jail unconscious by slugging him on the head with a soft drink bottle and then beating him unmercifully with his fists, Rene Longpre, 24, of Aylmer, wanted by Ontario provincial police for cattle rustling, made a successful escape from his cell at 3.30 o’clock this morning.

Despite an intensive search, which was launched immediately, no trace of the fugitive has yet been found.

The guard, Fred Leon, 35, if Aylmer, who is a volunteer fireman and special constable, received severe facial injuries. It is thought that after Longpre delivered the blow with the bottle he used his fists to beat the guard into unconsciousness.

Leon revived shortly after the attack and notified Chief Delbert Dumoulin, who was patrolling the main street near the town hall, in which the overnight cells are located.

Chief Summons Posse
The chief rang the fire siren bringing to the town hall about 25 men who, under the direction of the chief, began a search of the woods between Aulmer and Deschenes.

Ontario provincial police were notified of the break and asked to be on the look-out on the Ontario side of the Ottawa river.

Longpre is wanted for cattle-rustling in Carleton county and other places in the vicinity of Ottawa. He was picked up at nine o’clock last evening in Aylmer by Chief Dumoulin, who also arrested Romeo Gravelle, 35, of Aylmer, at the same time. Police believe Gravelle is also implicated in the cattle stealing. Gravelle did not escape as he was in another cell.

Some time before midnight, Longpre asked the guard to get him a hot dog and a soft drink. The guard complied with the request, but failed to remove the bottle after Longpre had finished drinking the contents. At 3.30 a.m., the prisoner asked permission to go the lavatory, and when guard opened the cell door, Longpre, who is a powerful man, struck Leon on the head with the bottle and beat him brutally.

He then made his escape through the rear door and across a field to the wooded section along the Ottawa river. He was in his bare feet as his shoes were found in the cell afterwrds, together with his hat and coat.

After the alarm summoned a group of 25 citizens Chief Dumoulin funished the men with a description of the fugitive and placed some of them at roads leading from the town. Others combed the bush and watched along the river front in case Longpre attempted to row or swim across the river to Ontario.

The bush, which is quite thick from Aylmer to Deschenes, was thoroughly searched but no trace of Longpre was found. He did not return to his home to get his automobile as two two men watched his house.

Chief Dumoulin belueves that the escaped prisoner is hiding in the bush as all roads leading from Aylmer have been closely watched. The Hull polcie were also notified. Unless Longpre crossed over to the Ontario side in the darkness, the Aylmer chief is confident that the man will be recaptured shortly.

Alderman F. L. Pilgrim, commissioner of police, was early on the scene and with two others patrolled roads in the Eardley section.

Severe Facial Injuries
The guard was given attention by Dr. J. P. Hudson and taken home. He has a cut over the right eye, a cut on the cheek and lips. None of the wounds is long or deep and they did not require stitches. Leon also has a lump on his head which it is thought he received when he fell to the floor. Dr. Hudson said an X-ray examination was going to be made to determine the exact extent of the injuries.

Chief Dumoulin was making his final rounds of the town for the town when the incident occurred. Leon was the only guard on duty.

Admitted Rustling
Chief Dumoulin told The Citizen that Longpre had admitted stealing catle from farms in the Ottawa district, including six sheep from the property of the Dominion Experimental Farm at Connaught Ranges; two steers from a farm at Woodlawn and two other steers from a farm at Munster. The animals were sold in Hull.

Longpre, according to Chief Dumoulin, had transported the sheep across the river in a boat, and had tied them in a field a short distance above Aylmer until he sold them. The Dominion Experimental Farm is near the shore of the Ottawa river and Longpre had only a short distance to bring the sheep.

He admitted the steers were brought to Hull in the rear seat of his sedan automobile. The legs of the steer were tied and the animal was put into the back seat of the car. Only one animal could be transported at a time, as they were quite large, some of them weighing around 400 pounds.

Longpre was dressed in a brown shirt and white trousers when he escaped. He is five feet ten inches in height, weights 150 pounds, fair complexion, blue eyes and clean shaven.

Leon, with his wife and family resides with his mother at the corner of Court and Center streets. He is the father of six children and has been a fireman and special constable for many years. He is employed at delivering wood and coal for an Aylmer man.                    

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“Guard Is Slugged By Prison Breaker,” Montreal Star. July 21, 1938. Page 02.

Aylmer Posse Searching For Fugitive

AYLMER, Que., July 21 – (C.P.) A posse of 20 men under Police Chief Delbert Dumoulin today continued a search for Rene Longpre, 24, after the prisoner at the jail here slugged his guard over the head with a bottle and escaped.

Chief Dumoulin said his men had been scouring the countryside 10 miles west of Hull, since the jailbreaker at 3.30 a.m. today. Meanwhile the assaulted guard, Alfred Leon, 35, was being treated at his home for serious scalp wounds.

Leon was knocked unconscious from which a ginger ale bottle which the prisoner asked for in the middle of the night.

Longpre was arrested here last night by Dumoulin who said the man was wanted by Ontario police in connection with several cattle thefts in the South March and Stittsville districts in Carleton County.

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“Grass Fire Laid To Theft Suspect,” Toronto Globe. August 29, 1936. Page 11.
Police Seek Cattle Ruster Near Belleville 
Belleville, Aug. 28 (CP). – Police today blamed a grass fire which broke out on Anderson’s Island on Gordon Calvert, whom they are seeking in connection with theft of forty-five head of cattle from there last weekend.

They said they believed he was hiding out in swamplands near Ivanhoe and set the fire so that remaining cattle on the island would be driven to the upper end, from which they could be driven to the mainland. Farmers extinguished the fire before damage resulted.

Residents of Ivanhoe were puzzled when they heard the cattle being driven through that village at night. They notified police and when an officer caught up to the herd a man said to be Calvert fled. Search of the district so far has been unsuccessful.

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“Posse Hunts Cattle Rustler In Hastings Bush,” Toronto Globe. August 26, 1936. Page 09.

45 Head of Jerseys Stolen from Island In Lonely Location

Coat Made in Kingston Penitentiary Left Behind When Fugitive Sees Constable Approaching

Belleville, Aug. 26 (CP). – A posse prowled through the thick brush tonight on the trail of a man believe responsible for one of the greatest cattle thefts in this district.  Forty-five herd of pure-bred Jerseys were stolen, but recovered as a police officer caught up with the herder, who took to the bush.

Police said a warrant had been issued for a man named Gordon Calvert of Crookston, charging him with the theft.  They said he was identified through police photographs and that he had recently been released from the Kingston Penitentiary.  Police also declared the man had escaped from the penitentiary some years ago, but was located again in North Hastings.

Five Own Cattle.
The cattle were owned by Ernest McAdam, Harry Hagerman, Russell Stevens, George Parker and Ernest Mitchell, who discovered the loss when an Ivanhoe resident told friends of seeing the herd being rushed through the night near Ivanhoe.  Sergeant Harry Thompson of Provincial Police Headquarters here was informed and caught up with the stolen herd near Ivanhoe, but he was seen approaching by the man in charge, who made his getaway, leaving behind a coat and a hat.

Examination of the coat, police said, revealed it was made in the penitentiary, the type given men when released.  They also stated that articles found in the coat were the property of Calvert.

Search Continues
The search tonight centre close to Ivanhoe, which is about twenty miles north of here. The theft was believed committed during the week-end, the cattle being driven from Anderson’s island, eight miles west of Stirling, on the Trent River, where they had been pastured for some days. Stirling is about fourteen miles north of here.

Apparently driven by road to a hideout near Crookston, about ten miles northeast of Stirling, the herd, according to authorities, was bound for shipment from Ivanhoe to Toronto.

Authorities stated that the thief apparently made connections with a buyer at Madoc, who is said to have paid for part of the herd, unaware it was stolen.  the cattle were to be shipped from Ivanhoe to Toronto but it was during the drive to Ivanhoe that they were noticed by the resident, who remarked to friends in Stirling he thought it queer cattle should be moved at night and at such a fast rate.

His suspicions reached owners’ cars, and Sergeant Thompson of Provincial Police Headquarters at Belleville was informed, leading to recovery of the herd and the hunt for the man believed to have committed the theft.

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