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“A man in high authority in governmental service who is definitely
in a position to know, recently told me that the American Communists are making
a more concerted effort than ever before to get their people into the various
churches of America. The Communist Party has been urging its followers to join
churches and to act in such a way that eventually they will become president of
the congregation, youth leader, elder, deacon, or occupy some other place of

Some of these known radicals are given these important places
by modernistic men of the cloth who know exactly what they are doing. Communism
is the great deceiver in the world today. It contains the doctrines of Satan,
and, therefore, does not have to tell the truth nor fulfil its promises. Many
clergymen are aiding the communists. If the Red Revolution ever succeeds in
America, these same red-aiding preachers will find that the communists have no
more use for them. They will be liquidated and imprisoned, and their churches
destroyed, closed, or turned into atheistic museums ; they will have a parallel
fate to what will happen to those American clergymen who are now bravely — and
often with much ridicule — battling atheistic communism.

The Rev. Claude Clausey Williams, a member in good standing
with the U. S. A. Presbyterian Church, is the spearhead of the Communistic religion
movement through religion. He is Director of the People’s Institute of Applied
Religion, Inc., which was headquartered in Suite 420 of The Transportation
Building, 131 West Lafayette, Detroit 26, Michigan, a half block from the city
hall. Recently Mr. Wiliams moved his headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama. According
to members of the church board over him, his support ran only until the end of
May, 1946. Williams said farewell to Detroit officially at the beginning of
June. It has not been ascertained at this writing whether the two facts are
related to each other.) Two national church boards pay the salary of Williams and
the Executive-Secretary, Calla E. Tenant. This group is but one of many found
in cities all over the nation. It now instructs and ordains its own radical preachers
after a few weeks of training.

Recently I paid a visit to this office and while one of the women
leaders of the Institute puffed away at her cigarette, she assured me that
everything they did and everything Mr. Williams wrote was from the Bible. She
kept repeating between puffs:

“It’s all from the Bible. It’s all from the Bible!”

A casual reading of Williams biography will show that this man
is not a true shepherd of Christ’s sheep, but is instead a genuine, modern
Judas to his Lord.

Supported From Moscow

We have in our possession photostatic copies of a number of checks paid in
one day to various communist organizations by the American dispenser of funds
from Moscow. One of the largest checks for that particular day’s financial
transaction goes to the DAILY WORKER,
the official communist organ. Others are made out to the PEOPLE’S INSTITUTE OF

William’s History
Claude Clausey Williams was born in Tennessee, the son of Jess and Minnie
Bell Williams. His parents were extremely poor, but had the greatness of the
full, fundamental salvation of Christ as is found in large parts of the
Presbyterian Church. According to Belfrage’s biography of Williams, his parents
kept the faith and frequently admonished their son to get back on the right road.
The biography gives the impression that Claude just patted them on the head
with deep understanding of their fundamentalist ignorance. It is evident that
unless Claude changes his ways, he will not meet his parents before the throne
of grace.

After much arguing with an inner voice, Claude finally consented
to becoming a preacher. He went to college; served several parishes near his
birthplace; and finally received a call to Paris, Arkansas. During this time
he came in contact with the modernistic writings of Harry Emerson Fosdick.
These writings were the beginning of his slip-over from fundamentalism into modernism
and eventually to the support of the communists.

The entire biography ridicules fundamental religion as scorning
the Negroes, being responsible for slavery, anti-semitism, fascism, etc. During
the persecution that followed, Williams was always aided by the members of
Commonwealth College of Mena, Arkansas, which was a school for training
communists, and which — after he had served as its director for a time — was
closed by the State of Arkansas. The public testimony which is on file at the
Attorney General’s office in the state capital, is so revealing of the
activities of Commonwealth College, and so disgusting to the moral senses that
it should not be read in mixed groups.

During the investigation to see whether the school should be
closed, it was amazing to find out which people all over the country, including
some from red centers in Europe, came to the rescue of this little school, way
down in Arkansas. It is amazing indeed to know that people that far away had ever
heard of a school of this size unless it had some international signification.

Before Williams was made director of the college, he had
been ousted by the Bible-lovers of his Paris Church. Those who came to his
defense were people he had lured to the church through pool hall tactics and
preached to them a heaven here on earth to help them escape the hell which they
were supposed to be enduring before Wiliams came to help them.

Much of the expensive literature put out by the Institute is loaded with
attacks on the true Bible preachers of the day. The headlines say that the
fundamentalists are the true fascists of America. In fact, the theory is urged
that the common denominator of all American fascists is their fundamentalism in

Youth for Christ
There are undoubtedly many fundamentalist preachers who may disagree with
some of the methods used by the YOUTH FOR CHRIST campaign. I do not believe,
however, that any fundamentalist can deny that YOUTH FOR CHRIST is a truly fundamentalist
undertaking. The rallies do not want modernists to preach for them. Recently
Claude Williams while teaching a red school in Wisconsin indicted YOUTH FOR
CHRIST as anti- Semitic. In an interview appearing in the CAPITAL TIMES and the WISCONSIN
, July 12, 1945, Williams is quoted as saying:

“The Youth for Christ movement is such s movement (a
movement to mobilise for undemocratic purposes). Aimed at converting children
to racial hatred and prejudice, it is anti-Semitic and anti-union. It is
another Hitler youth movement.”

The quotations found in the rest of this chapter are from
"A Faith To Free the People,” by Cedric Belfrage, published by Dryden
Press. (This book appeared in London under the title: “Let My People Go.” —
1939.) Price: $2.75 (or $1.25 if purchased from Institute headquarters).

“It was Fosdick’s book that, long before the great crisis
threw society’s structural decay into relief, had had perhaps the most profound
effect in revealing to him (Williams) THE FALLACY OF THE FUNDAMENTALISTS.”

“It’s a Wonderful Union, they sang now in a great chorus of hope and mass
strength, ‘and It’s Good Enough For Me.’ The old chant, ‘When The Saints Go
Marching In,’ to the strains of which millions of children of the South had
marched to revival altars for emotional conversations, had become: ‘When the
Unions Win Their Fight.’ ‘The change was only superificial, for the organized
people saw their Kingstom at hand on earth, and no mere symbolism of words
could have put it back in the sky, where the landlords and the rich folks
wanted it.’” (p. 182).

The author ridicules heaven; referring to southern planters
under the slave system, who treated their colored folks with sentiment and
kindness, he says:

“But soon they had passed on to their lilywhite heaven, to fan themselves and
sip juleps through eternity.” (p. 54).

“Religion was not doing for the planters of the South what the text-books said
it ought to do: it is not STUPEFYING THE PEOPLE but stirring them up.” (196.)

Remember what Lenin said:

“Religion is the OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE,”

it stupefies the masses.

Claude in visiting his home in Tennessee is asked by his brother Jack:

“Do you still believe there ain’t no hell?” “Still believe

Claude said. (p. 213).

“Chall told a good story about a preacher stranger who had come by the farm not
long before, had looked over the place and said:
‘Brother, that’s a fine farm you have.’
‘Yes, preacher,’ Chall said.
‘Well, you must thank the Almighty for that.’
And Chall had said: ‘Preacher, you just ought to have seen this piece of ground
when the Almighty had it all to himself.’” (p. 211).

Claude Williams speaking:

“Truth-nature-God: when you define them as far as the human mind can go you
have the same thing. But when I go to do God a favor WHATEVER HE IS, I’ve got
to go to man. There’s no other way. So I have no use for supernatural belief.”
(p. 218).

A fundamentalist preacher friend asks him:

“Have you lost faith in the Creator of all things as absolute spirit and

Williams answers:

“I guess I have – I’ve ceased to believe in anything absolute in life: absolute
God, absolutely morality, absolute panaceas for the world’s evils. The world
changes. God changes….Yes, God must grow as well as man. The Bible itself is a
dialectical development. If we postulated the fatherhood of God, the leadership
of Jesus and the progress of man onward and upward forever, then God must grow
or we’ll overtake him.” (p. 218)

Expressions are used such as ‘Old God,’ ‘New God,’ ‘The revolutionary God,’ ‘Pool-table
God,’ ‘Brush the cobwebs off God,’ ‘Reservation in heaven,’ ‘Cumberland
Presbyterian heaven,’ and a regular church is a ‘Worshipping plant.’

Jubilating in the fact that so many preachers were beginning
to preach modernism, Williams’ biographer notes:

“’If the study of the Bible is going to hide the real Jesus from me, there goes
my Bible. The Bible is not the word of God. It is man’s interpretation of the
word of God, and anything reduced to words is imperfect, for language itself is
imperfect.’” (p. 122-123).

Claude Williams speaking:

“But now I have to tell you that I have taken my stand with
Jesus of Nazareth. And I do not even know, nor can any of us know, whether He
ever actually existed. I do not care whether He is fact or myth. (p. 127).

[cut a long section decrying Williams for supporting scientific study of the
body, supporting evolutionary theory, supporting birth control, being okay
with drinking, marrying a couple who got pregnant out of wedlock and adjusting
their marriage certificate so it wasn’t premarital sex, subscribing to The Nation and The New Republic]

Williams and Communism
One of the best evidences of Claude’s support by communism is his directorship
of the communist Commonwealth College. A person couldn’t even be a student
there without being an ardent follower of communism (not necessarily a member
of the party) much less a director of the school. Remember this, dear Reader, there
are many, many more communists outside of the limited membership of the
communist party than there are in it. Remember also that it is nearly impossible
to trace any person’s actual membership due to the fact that the membership
lists are carefully guarded — even from different groups of communists — and due
to the fact that members change their names one or more times while working in
the party. Yet, these people may be well-known personalities if their real
names and associations were only revealed.

Bearing these known facts in mind, we must examine a person’s
activity and statements to see whether they follow the communist line. When the
communists smear good patriotic Americans they usually like to use quotations
from a book written by a brother of theirs. For example, if they wish to smear anyone
of some 452 generally good Americans, they would quote something against this
individual from a book like "Under Cover,” by John Roy Carlson, or
“Sabotage,” by Kahn, or "Time Bomb” by E. A. Piller, or they would quote
from a communist front organization like Dr. L. M. Birkhead’s Friends of Democracy,
Inc. It is significant that none of these authors can find even one tiny little
thing against one single little communist in America, and yet they are supposed
to be exposing the "enemies” of our country. Any student of communist
activities will use such books as almost infallible guides against the decent
people in America who believe in and love our country first.

I am not going to quote an enemy of Mr. Williams’ below, nor
have I done so above. I am quoting from his friend, Cedric Belfrage, who wrote
his biography, which I personally purchased from Williams’ own office. Look at
these direct quotations:

“Claude found the Marxian theory interesting.’ (p. 91 –
early in his career).

Leon Webb was a leader at Commonwealth College.

“’Preachers,’ said Webb, ‘God or no God, you are getting
Moscow gold too – only you don’t know it yet. You soon will.’ The talk ended
with Claude and the Commonwealth group agreeing on ways in which they could
work together. For there was no conflict between the objectives for which both
were striving.” (p. 93.)

“The miners were tickled by the sermon Claude preached a few Sundays later. He
quoted Paul: ‘Without the shedding of blood there is no remission.’ He said
that Jesus’ blood was red. The international workers’ (communist) flag was red.
All men, regardless of race, had red blood. It was the one common color of
mankind, symbolic of solidarity and brotherhood. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘I AM RED.’”
(p. 104).

“The preacher was behind the broad New Deal program with everything he had,
needing in any case only to observe who its enemies were to know WHERE GOD

This is written by an author who knows no personal Savior! It is like a blind
man describing a sunset!

“A Communist in the twentieth century was like a Christian in the first three
centuries, before Constantine legalized Christianity and muffled it in a
jeweled rope…The popular hatred of them (the Christians) was stirred up not on
a basis of reason, but of superstition. Their revolutionary doctrine of
brotherhood and community of ownership. (Note: This was certainly NOT the
fundamental doctrine of the early Christians), like Communism many centuries
later, was too horrible for respectable people to discuss.” (p. 180)

Look at how the pro-communist Henry Wallace and federal funds
were used for the communist-controlled Southern Tenant Farmers Union which
Williams helped to organize. Belfrage writes:

“Plantation toilers saw the tide turning at last their way,
and the third winter convention of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union was held
in an atmosphere of jubilation. Secretary of Agriculture Wallace sent a
telegram of greeting to the convention, urging it to forward its
recommendations to him. Through the new Committee for Rural and Social
Planning, FEDERAL MONEY was contributed to the convention, to board and feed
GOVERNMENT, the delegates shed few years over the stubborn refusal of certain
labor czars to attend. The president of the UMWA District 21 had been announced
to address the convention, but he declared: ‘It will have nothing to do with it
until the communistic element from Commonwealth College (attending the
convention and aided by federal funds and Henry Wallace) is got rid of, and as
long as the Reverend Claude Williams is recognized. I stand a hundred per cent
behind my God and my country.’” (p. 208-209)

Williams said to a fundamentalist preacher:

“There’s a horse-sense in Marx. Lenin knew a few things too,
and so did Jeremiah and Jesus. They were all big men.” (p. 215-216).

How Claude Works
Mr. Williams and the People’s Institute of Applied Religion openly say they
are communistic in philosophy and in support. A visit to their office indicated
that the Institute advocates the same people for election in Detroit that the
Communist Party and the DAILY WORKER
advocate. A visit to their office and a casual reading of their literature,
indicate that they hate the same people the Communistic Party and the DAILY WORKER hate. Mr. Williams and his
outfit help communism by attempting to discredit all those who oppose communism
whether they range from the strictly political, like certain senators and
statesmen, to the strictly orthodox Bible preacher like some of those mentioned
earlier in this chapter. The clerics who support this kind of pro-communist
endeavor are either modernists in such organizations as the Federal Council of
Churches which is notorious for its catering to reds, or they are plain
ordinary fundamentalists who have not taken the time to see what the Williams
plan is doing.

How any decent person, especially how any preacher who loves
Christ and the Bible completely and above all else, can allow a man of such
dubious background and with such immoral anti- Christian teachings, go
unchallenged, is beyond conception. That the U. S. A. Presbyterian Mission
Board supports him and his pro-communist Institute either indicates a
willingness on the part of the Mission Board officials to aid communism
outright, or it shows they know little of the Bible or of Williams doctrines. You
see, Williams has constantly warned them that he would be called a communist.
This has unarmed those who have the authority to stop Presbyterian Church
support of his activities.

Claude Williams is an associate editor of the notorious red magazine
THE PROTESTANT. This magazine is
attempting to split the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches in
their combined fight against their common enemy, atheistic communism. The
words: THE PROTESTANT, were painted
on the doorway of the People’s Institute Headquarters in Detroit. The magazine
does not represent any protestant group. Many notorious communists like the red
Dean of Canterbury and Adam Clayton Powell, Harlem preacher and representative
in Congress who is divorced from his first wife and now married to boogie-woogie
pianist Hazel Scott, are also on the associate-editor list. Williams spent the
Spring and Summer of 1946 on a western tour. He left no doubt in the minds of
his hearers that heis definitely a communist using the church for his evil purposes.

At Denver he was quoted as preaching and declaring: “Denominationally
I am a Presbyterian, religiously a Unitarian and politically I’m a Communist.
I’m not preaching to make people good or anything of the sort. I’m in the
church because I can reach people easier that way and get them organized for

In California the communist newspapers announced his meetings.
He is quoted by the press there as saying: “The closest approach to true
religion in the world today is pure Communism — materialistic aspects of the
ideology notwithstanding.“

Williams works with Leon Birkhead, the ex-Unitarian preacher,
who said that youth needs the shock of the sex novel; that the Bible is unfit
for young people; and who opened his former church in Kansas City for communist
meetings. Williams secures some of the material he uses to smear decent
Americans and fundamentalist Christians from Birkhead’s notoriously red “Friends
of Democracy.”

The detailed machinery of the Institute cannot be given here
for lack of space, but it is mentioned in newspapers, etc. as either the
People’s Institute of Applied Religion, Inc., or as the People’s Congress. When
you see these names, or the names of Claude Williams and Birkhead, look out!

– Kenneth Goff, Traitors in the Pulpit and Treason towards God. Colorado, 1946. pp. 11-20

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