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“Union Man Gets 3-Month Term – Toronto Organizer Sentenced at Guelph for Intimidation,” Toronto Telegram. June 29, 1934. Page 04.

“Guelph, June 29 (Special) – Max Federman, Toronto union organizer, was sentenced here to-day to three months at hard labor in the county jail for intimidation.

Federman, organizer of the Fur Workers’ ‘International’ Union, was charged in connection with visits paid to the plant of the Popular Cloak Co. here, a subsidiary of the Superior Cloak Co. of Toronto.

The manager of the plant told of Federman coming into the factory and telling Many Guziker, head of the fur department, that he must quit, and that the union was ‘not going to allow any fur shop in Guelph.’

‘We’ll have to put one of you in the hospital so others won’t come here,’ he was alleged to have said to Guziker.

The manager said he asked Federman if he was ‘trying to racketeer.’ Replying to a question by Federman’s counsel, he declared his shop was non-union and didn’t want any union men. He told the court that he had been attacked in Toronto on July 1 last year.

The threat was alleged to have been made on Federman’s first visit to the plant on June 12, but nothing was done until he returned to Guelph on June 26. On that day, Guziker said, Federman accosted him on the street and advised him again to quit his job and come back to Toronto. He had never been a member of the Fur Worker’s Union, but had been in business for himself, Guziker said.

‘Union officials have no business to come to Guelph to intimidate anyone,’ Crown Attorney Kearns declared.

‘It is not the words which made a threat, but the understanding which results,’ Magistrate Watt stated. ‘If union officials use threat to try to dictate to concerns it is going too far.’

‘I’m afraid they may beat me up,’ Guziker told Crown Attorney Kearns.

Constables Blingworth and Smith told of visiting the plant last Tuesday and seeing seven Toronto men hanging around. Federman refused to answer questions until threatened with arrest on a vagrancy charge, after which he said they were going to declare a strike in the local plant on Wednesdy morning.” 

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