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Horace Andy, Dance Hall Style. Wackie’s, 1983.

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“Negro Barred From Dance Hall In Hamilton’s Dundurn Park,” Toronto Star. July 7, 1948. Page 01.

Hamilton, July 7 – (CP) – Parks board officials today denied responsibility for an incident in which a local Negro war veteran was denied admission to the dance pavilion at Dundurn park.

‘It is up to them; they will have to deal with the question,’ Thomas M. Wright, vice-chairman of the parks board, said today. He referred to the contract which Morgan Thomas, orchestra leader, has with the parks board for the operation of the dance in the pavilion.

Asked today if there would be any change in the policy:

‘There can’t be any change. The only change there can be is that we don’t run any more.’

The practice in all dance halls, he said, was to ‘keep them out.’  and added: ‘If I let one in, I’d have to let two in, and then more, and the crowd would fall off.’

Mr. Thomas said: ‘Last year they [the parks board] said I should’t refuse admission.’ He added that he explained the situation, and ‘they saw the point.’

Morgan Thomas’ brother, ‘Bud’ Thomas, was on the door when the incident occurred. He said the admission had been refused, and accepted, by the Negro applicant, but the latter returned with a girl who objected.

‘Bud’ Thomas said there was a sign on the booth, over the name of the parks board: ‘We have the right to refuse admission to anyone without question.’

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