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“Idiots In Jail.” Kingston Daily Standard. October 11, 1912. Page 04.

Scandalous to Place Them There, Says Mr. Justice Latchford.

Whitby, Oct. 11. – Commenting upon a complaint contained in the presentment of the grand jurors respecting the detention of weak-minded people in jails, at the county assizes here, Mr. Justice Latchford, said: ‘I feel very strongly on this question, which is confronting every county council in Ontario. I have no hesitation in repeating that it is scandalous to place the weak-minded and innocent idiotic in jail. There are not criminals, and merit better treatment. There is no reason why these conditions should exist in a rich province like Ontario. It is a shame. I understand, that the protests of the grand juries has caused the government to look into the matter. Proper institutions for the insane should be established in every province and county, and the sooner the better it will be in the interests of humanity.

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