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“The Wolves Scent The Eagle’s Prey,” Montreal Star, September 24, 1938. Page 08.

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“In the Afternoon Court,” Toronto World. July 29, 1908. Page 01.

“How it Looked to the Policeman / And How The Honk Honk Man Saw It –

“Honest, Your Honor, We Wusn’t Scorchin’ – we wuz goin so slow that if another copper had seen us we might a been pinghed for loitering”

Reprinted from the Dayton, Ohio, News

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“Mr. Bennett Knows,” Toronto Star. April 28, Page 06.

[paper outside White House reads ‘Roosevelt is His Country’s Idol and Hope because of his defiance and prosecution of Wall Street and the Big Interests.]

“Mr. Bennett: Yes, but Roosevelt has never been up against that St. James Street bunch.”

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“Needs A Little Help With The Fuse,” Toronto Star. December 19, 1938. Page 04, editorial. 

Editorial cartoon showing Adolf Hitler asking John Bull and the Bank of England to “Lend Me A Match, Gentlemen?” as he stands holding a fuse labelled ‘War Preparations’ connected to a bomb behind the representatives of the British Empire labelled ‘The Next War’.

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“Riding Forward Backwards; A Peculiar manner in which to attempt to reach his goal.” Montreal Star, November 12, 1932. Page 10.

A soldier face towards but rides away from Disarmament and Peace on the horse of International Reconciliation.

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“Another World Championship,” Montreal Star, November 7, 1932. Editorial Page. 

“Including yesterday’s general election, Germany has fought forty-six diet, presidential and other elections in the past few years.”

Because the problem in 1932 was that Germany had too much democracy, apparently.

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“Big Flight,” Montreal Gazette, October 26, 1937. Syndicated David Low editorial cartoon.  Herbert Henry Elvin and the

Trades Union Congress prepare to take off in an airplane called ‘Labour Crusade’ without the ‘Left Wing’.

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“The Ultimate In Torture,” Montreal Gazette, August 8, 1952. Page 8 – editorials. Cartoon by John Collins.  The devil in hell calls deceased leaders of Axis ‘pikers’ – because I guess Russia lied about germ warfare in Korea? 

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