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March 31, 2018: a new episode of The Anatomy Lesson at 11pm EST on CFRC 101.9 Fm. Music by EVITCELES, Rhythm Of Cruelty, Psychic Hotline, MYMK, Gel Nails, THUGWIDOW, Suum Cuique + more. Check out the setlist below, tune in at 101.9 on your FM dial, stream at http://audio.cfrc.ca:8000/listen.pls or listen to the archive at cfrc.ca or on mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/cameronwillis1232/the-anatomy-lesson-march-31-2018/

Rhythm of Cruelty – “In Passing” Dispossession (2018)
Drew McDowall + Hiro Kone – “Bright Kiss of Kire” The Dream of George Bataille (2018)
Dual Action – “County Line” Nightmare Angel Of The Expressways (2014)
MYMK – “Juggernaut” The Memory Fog (2017)
Normal Nada – “Kakarak 1 / Kakarak 2” Transmutação Cerebral (2015)
Thugwidow – “Now It Makes Me Think of Death (feat. Sangam)” Dead Colony (2017)
JPEGMAFIA – “Rock N Roll Is Dead” Veteran (2018)
Oil Thief – “A Dawning Protectorate” Colors of Devotion (2018)
Gel Nails – “Event Horizon” Cool Spam From The Inventors of Purgatory (2018)
Dialect – “Sinkhole” Loose Blooms (2017)
Yaporigami – “When Are You” Why Are You (2016)
Suum Cuique – “Kuiper Anomaly” Ascetic Ideals (2012)
serpentwithfeet – “Redemption” Blisters (2016)
Psychic Hotline – “Probable Cause” Planned Obsolescence (2017)
Evitceles – “Exhausted Lust” Imperfect Charm (2017)

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