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“Women’s Jail Here Shuts Doors, Refusing to Accept Prisoners,” Montreal Gazette. July 3, 1948. Page 03.

The Fullum Street Women’s Jail closed its doors last night, and, for perhaps the first time in its history, refused to accept prisoners.

The unprecendented move by both the Catholic and Protestant authorities of the institution came about when 10 female prisoners from the cells of the Montreal Police Department were refused transfer to the jail, quashing a custom practiced for many years.

Cessation of a contract with the Provincial Government and failure of new negotiations to materialize were the reasons unofficially cited as the cause of the ‘closed door’ reception.

The jail is divided into two sections. One is operated by sisters of a Catholic order, the other by Protestant organizations. Although the jail is a provincial jail, it is apparently operated through contracts which provide for salaries, overhead and other administration items.

Asst. Dir. J. A. Belanger, of the Montreal police department, said that the move came as a surprise to the department and that they were forced to re-accommodate the 10 prisoners in police cells.

The police official said that authorities of the jail had declared that their contract with the Provincial Government had expired and that they would not accept any more prisoners.

There were rumors last night that authorities of the jail had set July 1 as an ultimatum in new negotiations with the province and that failure of the government to meet the new commitments resulted in the action taken.

The closing of the jail presents a serious problem to local police departments which are neither accommodated nor authorized by law to hold prisoners in their own cells following either a jail sentence or in between court appearances.

Last night, the Prisoner’s Department of the city police transported 12 women to the women’s jail. Only two, who had been released from the institution to police custody for court appearance, were re-admitted The other 10 were refused entrance.

An official of the jail contaced by The Gazette last night said that the institution was not overcrowded. She admitted that there was ‘some mix-up’ but would say nothing as to whether the trouble stemmed from negotiations with the government.

Among the 10 prisoners rejected by the jail, one had been sentenced in court to two months in jail, according to Dir. Belanger. This prisoner was returned, to police cells, with the others. Although lodged in cells her sentence will not be purged, however, since time in police cells is not subtracted from the sentence.

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“Conscience Pangs, Hangover Bring Women Back to Cells,” Montreal Gazette. August 11, 1952. Page 13.

“Two women who broke out of Fullum street jail Friday night are back in cells there today, one with a clear conscience and the other with a hangover.

At 9.45 pm Friday, Margaret Wheeler, alias Stone, 39, and Sandra Day, alias Reid, 26, staged the first double escape from the women’s jail in years when they scaled a 12-foot wall surrounding the east end institution.

Seven hours later, the Wheeler woman, who had been serving time on a narcotics charge, walked into the Protestant section of the jail and gave herself up.

A district-wide search went on for her companion.  It ended at noon yesterday when Provincial Police visited a McGill street rooming house and found the fugitive trying to shake off the effects of a drinking spree.

Det-Lieut Roger Gauthier said the Day woman ‘slept it off’ in cells at Notre Dame street headquarters before being returned to the Fullum street jail. She was given a three-month term for vagrancy last May, and was scheduled for release tomorrow.”

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“2 Women Break Out Of Jail,” Montreal Gazette. August 9, 1952. Page 14.

‘Provincial Police, still tied up with the task of keeping male prisoners under control at riot-torn Bordeaux Jail, last night sought two inmates who broke out of the Fullum Street Jail for Women.

Police said the women – Margaret Wheeler, 42, and Sandra Breid, 30 – escape at 9.45 pm from the Protestant section of the prison located at 1730 Fullum street in the city’s east end.

Although Provincial Police would not divulge any details of the break itself, it was learned the women climbed onto the roof of a shed, and from there, scaled the 15-foot wooden fence surrounding the institution.

The double escape was the first in years at the jail, which like Bordeaux, is under the administration of provincial authorities.  All district police forces joined in the search for the pair.”

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