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“First photos ever taken inside…Montreal Jail,” The Standard Photonews. February 20, 1943. Front page to page 7.

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“British Government Opens Mask Factory,” Montreal Gazette. January 22, 1937. Page 19.

“Gerald Palmer (left), Geoffrey Lloyd, Home Office Under-Secretary, and Wing Commander Hodsell in charge of the air raid precautions department (right), pictures as they attended the recent opening of the first British Government factory for the manufacture of gas masks. When the factory is going full blast it will turn out masks at the rate of 500,00 a week. The officials are wearing some of the masks, which are proof against any gas so far known for use in war.”

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“Rehearsal For Gas Attack,” Toronto Star. June 22, 1936. Page 21.

“A mother and her two children about to enter a gas chamber during a demonstration of anti-gas attack methods at Kingston-on-Thames, England.”

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