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“Rehearsal For Gas Attack,” Toronto Star. June 22, 1936. Page 21.

“A mother and her two children about to enter a gas chamber during a demonstration of anti-gas attack methods at Kingston-on-Thames, England.”

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“Les Lapons se modernisent,” Photo-Journal. April 28, 1938. Page 08.

Swedish authorities have furnished Lapp families with gas masks, as a protective measure, in case of war.”

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“Attaque Par Les Gaz,” Le Petit Journal. March 19, 1933. Page 25.

Russian troops on

manoeuvre. These soldiers are charged with repulsing a gas attack, in a swampy region.  Russian soldiers are continously trained for the possibility of war.

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“Les civils s’exercent a porter des masques a gaz,” Photo-Journal, November 11, 1937. Page 10. 

Article about gas drill amongst civilians in Great Britain.

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