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“Famine and World-Hunger Are On Our Threshold – We Must Produce More Food,” Toronto Globe. April 28, 1917. Page 14.

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“Seize Food for Poor, Butler Urges – Avoid Riots, Decide Later How to Pay,” Toronto Star. April 2, 1932. Page 01.

“Philadelphia, April 2. – Hunger faces 250,000 Philadelphians with the city’s relief fund of $5,000,000 virtually exhausted and food riots imminent.

And 59,629 families entirely dependent upon the Lloyd unemployment committee for an average of $4.50 a week, their bare existence, will be doomed to untold suffering unless the state or other sources lend a hand.

‘The impending catastrophe is too shocking to contemplate,’ the Llyod committee reported in a recent statement.

City and state officials, realizing that 250,000 persons won’t sit down quietly and starve to death, believe food riots are imminent. Major General Smedley D. Butler, campaigning for the Republic nomination for U.S. Senator, has called upon ‘courageous governors’ to declare martial law to prevent such riots.’

‘Commandeer the supplies necessary to save our people,’ he said, ‘and let the debating societies decide later or at their political leisure how to pay for it.’

The committee pointed out that in a great bulk of cases there is not only an absence of current earnings, but also an exhaustion of accumulated savings and credit.

‘It may well be considered the greatest calamity in the history of the commonwealth.’

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