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“Two Prisoners for Pen.” Kingston Daily Standard. October 8, 1912. Page 08.

Deputy Sheriff Jarvis, Toronto, arrived in the city on Saturday afternoon with two prisoners for the penitentiary. They were Bernard McMahon, who will serve three years for assault, and Harry Beatty, who will serve the same length of time for theft.
“Italian Sent Down.” Kingston Daily Standard, October 8, 1912. Page 08.

An Italian, Rocco Lombardo, was sentenced to two and a half years in Portsmouth Penitentiary for a vicious assault on two fellow country-men at Toronto. Both the injured men were in court and exhibited the marks of the wounds which had been inflicted.

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“Bold Hold-Up Men Get Prison Terms,” Toronto Globe. January 30, 1918. Page 07.

Accessory May Get Off On Suspended Sentence Because of Family.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
Parry Sound, Jan. 29. – Alfred Domiana, an Italian, was to-day sentenced to five years in Kingston Penitentiary, his cousin, Fred Domiana, was sentenced to three years, and Frank Caprice, as an accessory before the act, was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, but in consideration of having a wife and five children may be let out on suspended sentence, as the Magistrate will so recommend the Minister of Justice.

The Domianas, who are both of Hamilton, were working in a lumber camp and went to a station at Mowat on the C.N.R., where Frank Caprice and his family reside, tied Mrs. Caprice to a chair, took a rifle and shotgun with ammunition from the wall of the dining room, and in broad daylight and without any attempt to disguise held up two Austrian sectionmen and Frank Caprice with the gun, and took $1,027 from the men. The forced the men to place a hand car on the track and made off, throwing the rifle and gun under a bridge. They left the car at the point where the C.P.R. crosses the C.N.R., and started walking south.

Warnings were sent out by telephone, and the men were caught near Byng Inlet. They admitted their guilt and implicated Frank Caprice. The Police Magistrate considered the evidence corroborated in a number of ways and convicted Caprice as an accessory to the crime.


“Long Terms Given Italian Robbers,” The Mail and Empire. January 30, 1918. Page 08.

Special to The Mail and Empire.
Parry Sound, Jan. 29 – How a woman, the wife of a C.N.R. sectionman, was tied in her chair as the result of a frame-up with her husband, two Austrian sectionmen were robbed at the point of a rifle and shotgun of $1,027 and continued to place a hand-car on the track, by which the robbers made their get-away, was told in the Police Court here to-day, when Alfred Domiana was sentenced to five years, Fred Domiana to three years, and Frank Caprice to three years in Kingston Penitentiary. The two Italians, who hail from Hamilton and were employed in a lumber camp, were caught at Byng Inlet with the money on them, and turned King’s evidence against Caprice, who they declared, had framed up the job, his wife consenting to be tied up when the Domianas’ procured the firearms from the Mowat Railway Station and pulled off the robbery of his companions. The magistrate said he would request the Minister of Justice to allow Caprice out on suspended sentence, as he had a wife and five children.

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