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“Prison Terms Are Meted Out,” Hamilton Spectator. October 8, 1938. Page 01.

Three Years For Costello, Two For MacAvella Imposed By Court

total of six years in prison terms was imposed on three men who
appeared before three men who appeared before Judge Ernest F. Lazier in
county criminal court Friday afternoon.

Frank Costello, aged 21,
one of a family of seven children, was sentenced to three years in
Kingston penitentiary when he pleaded guilty to four charges of theft of

Douglas MacAvella was sentenced to two years in
Kingston penitentiary when he was convicted of the theft if six auto
batteries from the Super-Lastic Sales corporation. He was acquitted of
the theft of an automobile.

Albert Peddie was given a one-year
term sentence for theft imposed in magistrate’s court, when Judge Lazler
convicted him of breaking into the garage of Robert McKee, Cannon street
and Sanford avenue, and the theft of electric drills and other tools
from it.

Appearing for Costello, Joseph D. Sullivan said he had a
‘heart to heart’ talk with him at the jail, but could only account for
his misdemeanours by his disposition toward recklessness.

‘I agree
with Mr. Sullivan that a reformatory term would have no effect in
redeeming him’ said George W. Ballard, K.C., crown attorney, handing
Costello’s record card to the judge.

Detective Albert Speakman
testified as to auto thefts in August and September when cars were stolen
belonging to James Ray, Grimsby Beach; Hertbert Ticker, Toronto; Harold
Jaggard, Cathcart street, and R. A. Bergdorf, York street.

Car Smashed
Mr. Tucker’s car was found near Dunnville badly smashed, Detective Speakman told the court.

by the crown to testify in the MacAvella case, two young women and a
young man who were playing tennis on the courts of the First United
church, said they saw the accused carry batteries and place them in a
car on August 26. Judge Lazier found there was insufficient evidence to
justify his conviction for auto theft.

MacAvella denied theft of
the batteries, and added he had obligingly thrown back two tennis balls to
the young people who had testified against him.

In Peddie’s case,
Detective Speakman told of stopping the accused in his car, finding a
wrecking bar, hacksaw, tools and a large pair of snips. Robert McKee,
proprietor of a garage which was broken into, identified some of the
tools by his initials on them.

MacAvella and Peddie were without
counsel. Both had records. The convicted trio were led from the court
room, their hands manacled together.

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“Joy Riders Sentenced,” Toronto Globe. September 5, 1918. Page 07.

Stiff sentences were meted out in the Police Court yesterday morning to two young men who went for a joy ride in an automobile they found conveniently on the street. Joseph Murphy, who had a previous record, was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary, while Ernest Young was sent to the Ontario Reformatory for one year.

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“A Year Term Given ‘Joining’ Chinaman,” Toronto Star. December 12, 1918. Page 02.
Sent to Prison for Belonging to an Illegal Society in Toronto.

Gets Four Months.
For attempting to steal the motor car of Dr. J. W. Burnham, Chas. Preet, a seventeen-year-old goes to the Jail Farm for four months. Magistrate Denison remarked in imposing the term that the Board of Control had written to the Police Commissioners inferring that the prevalent epidemic of ‘joyriditis’ was due to some extent to the lenient sentences given. Mr. Robinette asked the court to permit the boy, who is his mother’s support, to go to work. This was refused.

Subtracted Three.
Three bags of coal formed the bag made from the Conger Coal Company’s load he drove by Gordon Alexander. For the three he subtracted the court sent him to jail for 10 days. Alexander congratulated himself that he didn’t bag the whole load.

Case Dismissed.
The magistrate made short shrift of the forgery charge against Fred Dolson, agent of the Toronto Public School Board, he dismissed it. The charge alleged that Mr. Dolson had forged the name of Peter Tomzat on a document which switched the said Peter’s assessment from that of a Separate school supporter to that of a Public school supporter. Peter himself laid the charge.

‘Let Mr. Tomzat sign his name,’ said Mr. Corley. Mr. Tomzat signed. The magistrate surveyed both signatures. ‘I’m quite satisfied he wrote them both,’ he concluded.

‘Despicable,’ Court Called It.
For stealing from his comrades at the Red Triangle Club Pte. Homer gets a 9-month term. Magistrate Denison branded the act as both ‘comtemptible’ and ‘despicable.’ Returned soldier employes of the Red Triangle said that a number of thefts had been reported by the men. They had detected Johnson by placing a marked $2 bill in the pocket of the man sleeping next to him. Johnson, the evidence showed, had attempted to purchase cigarets with the same bill early the next morning.

Chinese Are Convicted.
Found guilty of continuing to be members of a society which the order-in-Council of September 28 declared illegal, three officials of the Chinese National Society, Ho Hen, Ho Non Ling, and Chu Wai Ping, were committed to jail for one year by Magistrate Kingsford. The committal was based on evidence reported two days ago.

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