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Soldiers and civilians waiting on a railway platform to board the Tokyo Express. Photograph by J.R. Eyerman. Japan, September 1945.

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South Korea – Communist guerrilla prisoners facing panel of police judges during their trial at National Prison, November 1952. Photo by Margaret Bourke-White [Google/LIFE]

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Young Russia Is In These Faces At The Djerzynsky Tractor Plant from “A Report on Russia’s Strength: The Soviet Union Is Building A Great Machine For War,” LIFE Magazine. August 9, 1948. Page 37.

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Shadows of Hiroshima atomic bombing, 8:15, August 6, 1945 :

1 – The person’s shadow still on the stone stair, Hiroshima, Japan – 1945 – Source : Life magazine

2 – The shadow of a person standing on the steps, Hiroshima, Japan – 1945

3 – The shadow of a man at the time of the explosion was sitting on the steps in front of the bank, 250 meters from the epicenter. These steps were removed and are now an exhibit at the Hiroshima Peace Park museum, Japan – 1945

4 – More than a kilometer away from the center of the explosion of Hiroshima, the intense heat pump shadows on objects recorded before the high temperatures, but leaving the rest intact, Hiroshima, Japan – 1945 – Life magazine

5 – Shadows on the bridge, Hiroshima Japan – 1945

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“Disaster In Japan: Life Correspondent Caught in Fukui Covers Earthquake From Start to Finish,” LIFE. Vol. 25, No. 2, July 12, 1948.  pp. 19-23.

Photographs by Carl Mydans.

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