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South Korea – Communist guerrilla prisoners facing panel of police judges during their trial at National Prison, November 1952. Photo by Margaret Bourke-White [Google/LIFE]

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“Two Years’ Hard Labor,” Toronto Globe. May 2, 1918. Page 15.

Sentence on Pte. Snider for Deserting From Draft Warned.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
Brantford, May 1. – The C.O.R. [Central Ontario Regiment] Depot was lined up, while the Adjutant read the sentence of a court-martial, confirmed by the General Officer Commanding this district, on Pte. C. C. Snider, a member of the local depot, who deserted from a draft which was warned for overseas. The draft left, and Snider was nowhere to be found. He was sentenced to two years’ hard labor in the penitentiary. The prisoner was not a Brantford man, but was called up from an outside place, and reported here at the local depot.

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