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“3 Insane Convicts Free; 5 Make Escape From City Jail; 2 Recaptured / Insane Prisoners Break Jail at Bordeaux.” Montreal Gazette, September 17, 1938. Second edition. Top image is page 15.  Next two are pages 1 & 9.

“Fugitives Overpower Guards – Are Believed Armed. / Police Cordon Drawn. / All Available Forces Join Search for Desperate Men in Woods.

Three dangerously insane convicts, all believed armed, were fugitives from a widespread police net last night after escaping from Montreal Jail at Bordeaux shortly after two o’clock yesterday afternoon.  Two others who were also confined to the jail asylum, escaped at the same time, but were captured shortly afterwards.

A jail guard’s car, which the convicts seized at the gun point outside the prison’s main gate, was found abandoned last night in the north end of the city.  Provincial, Montreal and Royal Canadian Mounted Police threw a strong cordon about the island as soon as the break became known, but it was believed possible that one or more of the men had slipped through before the guards were posted.

The men were believed to have two revolvers and a rifle among them, and all were described by prison officers as ‘desperate men who would stop at nothing to retain their freedom.’

Police search squads were armed with machine guns and tear gas equipment.

The five, all declared by Dr. Daniel Plouffe, superintendent of the prison hospital, to be insane, were:

JULES LEGACE, 32, 10 years for burglary and holdup;

JOHN O’MALLEY, 25, life for assault on penitentiary guard;

JOSEPH GAUCHEN, 23, five years for assault on penitentiary guard;

DIEUDONNE COALLIER, 25, 10 years for burglary;

LEO TREMBLAY, 25, sentence unascertained.

The first four were Montrealers, while Tremblay was brought here from Quebec CIty.

O’Malley and Coallier were captured within a few hours of the break.”

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“English, French and Czech Armies In War Manoeuvres,” Montreal Gazette. September 13, 1938.

Clockwise from top left: ‘A War-like Scene in an English Countryside.  A Bren machine gun, mounted on a camouflaged truck, goes into action in a field near Colchester…; The Chief of Staff of the French Army Watches War Games; The Mechanized Czech Army on the March; On Duty with the French Army Near The Eastern Frontier.’

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“Col. Piuze Denies Rumors Regarding Prison Treatment,” Montreal Gazette, November 16, 1932. Page 01.

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“Guards Hurled Into Blaze As Convicts Riot; St-Vincent De Paul Prison Inmates Make Serious Break,” Montreal Gazette, November 5, 1932. Page 1, Col. 1, and Page 19.

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“Big Flight,” Montreal Gazette, October 26, 1937. Syndicated David Low editorial cartoon.  Herbert Henry Elvin and the

Trades Union Congress prepare to take off in an airplane called ‘Labour Crusade’ without the ‘Left Wing’.

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“Tea for Two,” Montreal Gazette, August 19, 1952.  Page 8, editorial. Cartoon by John Collins.  Stalin cheerfully reminds Mao to ‘keep the pot [that is, Asia] boiling” as cups marked Korea, Indo-China and Malaya sit on the table. 

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“The Ultimate In Torture,” Montreal Gazette, August 8, 1952. Page 8 – editorials. Cartoon by John Collins.  The devil in hell calls deceased leaders of Axis ‘pikers’ – because I guess Russia lied about germ warfare in Korea? 

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“Lawyers, Constables, Reporters Fined to Help Homeless Vagrant,” Montreal Gazette, August 3, 1935. Page 4.

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“Protests Fascist Regime in Canada,” Montreal Gazette, August 3, 1935. Page 4.

“Jewish Veteran Accuses Canadian Corps Association at London, Ont.

August 2. – The Ontario command of the Canadian Legion today heard D. L. Harris, Jewish delegate of Toronto, charge the Canadian Corps Association with attempting to establish a Fascist regime in Canada.  The convention took no action following delegate Harris’ speech.

Harris said he favored legionnaires joining battalions and division associations co-operating with the Canadian Legion, but he asked the ex-service men not to become ‘dupes of a political party and become associated with a Fascist-controlled body.’

He said because of recent events in Germany, Jewish veterans were afraid to join the Canadian Legion.

‘I am proud I am a Jew, born under the British flag, and I cherish the traditions of my race.  Nothing was said to us about being Jews when we enlisted to fight under the Union Jack.  It behooves me as a British subject to speak on behalf of my people and to denounce the Canadian Corps Association.’

General Alex Ross, president of the Dominion Command, said his organization was not unmindful of the situation, but added little could be done by making speeches.”

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