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“Paris Mobilization Orders Posted,” Montreal Star, September 26, 1938. Page 04.

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“The Wolves Scent The Eagle’s Prey,” Montreal Star, September 24, 1938. Page 08.

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“One Reason Germany Slows Down,” Montreal Star, July 23, 1938.  

“Here’s the situation in Czechoslovakia as another major crisis seems imminent because of Sudeten German disapproval of the Government effort to compromise the ‘racial minorities’ problem.  There have been warnings that any effort to impose the plan would create a ‘dangerous situation’ – meaning possible invasion of Czechoslovakia by Germany to ‘protect the rights’ of Czechoslovakians of German extraction.

The map shows how the hardy Czechs would meet any such invasion.  The little republic’s 2500-mile frontier – touching hostile territory all the way round except for 150 miles bordering friendly Rumania – is heavily and cleverly fortified.

Military experts believe that despite the comparatively small size of the

Czechoslovakian army, any invasion across the three defensive lines built by the Czechs would be made at heavy cost.”

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“Santa Class Arives at Eaton’s Saturday,” Montreal Star, November 25, 1932. Page 40.  

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“Two Montreal Grand Champions,” Montreal Star, November 22, 1932. Page 11. 

At the top is ‘Crooner of St. Margaret,’ judged the champion cat at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto.  It is owned by Mrs. Hugh Heasley, of Westmount.  Below is the grand champion pigeon, a silver pygmy pouter owned by E. T. Jefffrey, 5505 Queen Mary Road.

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“Going To Yucatan,” Montreal Star, November 21, 1932. Page 13.  

“Mrs. Edna Robb Webster, author of ‘Occasional Wife,’ plans to be one this winter.  She is leaving her husband and children early in the new year to make her second trip into the Yucatan jungles to hunt for relics of ancient Mayan civilization, a subject on which she is already a recognized authority.  This time Mrs. Webster also will attend the annual carnival, in Merida, the capital city, because she is making a comparative study of ancient and modern culture in Yucatan.”

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“Riding Forward Backwards; A Peculiar manner in which to attempt to reach his goal.” Montreal Star, November 12, 1932. Page 10.

A soldier face towards but rides away from Disarmament and Peace on the horse of International Reconciliation.

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