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“Communist Jailed As Church Robber,” Montreal Gazette. October 18, 1938. Page 10. 

R. Lepage Gets Seven Years After Pleading Guilty to Over 20 Charges

Pleading guilty yesterday to more than 20 charges of theft from churches in Montreal and surrounding districts, Roland Lepage, 28, alias Fred Way, self-styled Communist, will serve the next seven years in St. Vincent de Paul penitentiary as the result of sentences imposed upon him in Police Court.

The accused objected to being charged with breaking and entering the churches, telling the court ‘that when the door is open and you walk in that is not breaking.’ The charges were amended to read plain theft and the accused pleaded guilty.

Lepage was given three five-year-terms by Judge Maurice Tetreau on three charges of theft, the three sentences to run concurrently. Brought before Judge Guerin, he was given two years on each of 21 charges of theft, the sentences to run concurrently but he will begin to serve these sentences only after he has completed the five-year term.

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“Woodstock gripped by a Thanksgiving of terror,” Toronto Star. October 9, 1984. A7.

Keeping contact: While police blocked off roads around Woodstock, a remote-controlled robot vehicle, front right, was used to establish voice contact with a man who had barricaded himself inside a home after a weekend shooting spree that left four people dead. Police used the cover of an armored truck, left, to position the robot near the house. Photo: John Mahler, Toronto Star

Watching: An Ontario provincial policeman peers through binoculars at the Woodstock home where a gunman was thought to be holding hostages after four people died in gunfights. Photo: Colin McConnell, Toronto Star

Under siege: A crowd of curious onlookers gathers at a home in Woodstock where police staged a 20-hour siege after a man barricaded himself inside following a shooting spree that killed four people, two of them policemen. The man, flushed out last night, was being sought for the Saturday night killing of a policeman and another man in Montreal.
Photo: Colin McConnell, Toronto Star

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“3 Insane Convicts Free; 5 Make Escape From City Jail; 2 Recaptured / Insane Prisoners Break Jail at Bordeaux.” Montreal Gazette, September 17, 1938. Second edition. Top image is page 15.  Next two are pages 1 & 9.

“Fugitives Overpower Guards – Are Believed Armed. / Police Cordon Drawn. / All Available Forces Join Search for Desperate Men in Woods.

Three dangerously insane convicts, all believed armed, were fugitives from a widespread police net last night after escaping from Montreal Jail at Bordeaux shortly after two o’clock yesterday afternoon.  Two others who were also confined to the jail asylum, escaped at the same time, but were captured shortly afterwards.

A jail guard’s car, which the convicts seized at the gun point outside the prison’s main gate, was found abandoned last night in the north end of the city.  Provincial, Montreal and Royal Canadian Mounted Police threw a strong cordon about the island as soon as the break became known, but it was believed possible that one or more of the men had slipped through before the guards were posted.

The men were believed to have two revolvers and a rifle among them, and all were described by prison officers as ‘desperate men who would stop at nothing to retain their freedom.’

Police search squads were armed with machine guns and tear gas equipment.

The five, all declared by Dr. Daniel Plouffe, superintendent of the prison hospital, to be insane, were:

JULES LEGACE, 32, 10 years for burglary and holdup;

JOHN O’MALLEY, 25, life for assault on penitentiary guard;

JOSEPH GAUCHEN, 23, five years for assault on penitentiary guard;

DIEUDONNE COALLIER, 25, 10 years for burglary;

LEO TREMBLAY, 25, sentence unascertained.

The first four were Montrealers, while Tremblay was brought here from Quebec CIty.

O’Malley and Coallier were captured within a few hours of the break.”

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“C’est là
que se sont réfugiés les fous criminels! / Du Nouveau Dans L’Affaire Des Fous Criminels,” Le Petit Journal. September 18, 1938. Pages 1 & 2.

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Cinq Fous Criminels S’Évadent


Bordeaux – Des Gardes Blessés.” La Patrie, Edition Quotidienne. September 17, 1938. Page 1 & Page 21.

“L’évasion la plus sensationnelle encore vue dans notre province s’est produite vendredi après-midi,

à 2 heures 30,

à la prison de Bordeaux alors que cinq détenus de la section des aliénés criminels ont pris la fuite.

Trois gardes de la prison ont été assommés par les évadés qui leur ont enlevé leur armes et quie so sont ensuite fait ouvrir la grande barrière de la prison en dirigeant une fusillade nourrie dans la direction  des gardiens qui avaient mission de les empêcher de passer.”


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“Cinq prisonniers s’évadent de Bordeaux – Ils désarment deux gardes, en assomment deux autres et fuient dans une voiture volée à un cinquième gardien.” Le Canada. September 17, 1938. Page 01.

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“Evasions à Archambault,” La Presse. September 11, 1980. Page B12.

La police recherche deux prisonniers qui se sont évadés, tôt hier, du pénitencier fédéral Archambault à sécurité maximale. 

Michel Lafleur, 30 ans, qui purge une peine de 11 ans pour divers crimes, et Gilles Lavery, 23 ans, en prison pour 10 ans pour tentative de vol à main armée, tentative de meurtre et une évasion antérieure, ont tous les deux été décrits par la police comme étant «très dangereux».
Ils se sont évadés de la prison de Sainte Anne-des-Plaines, au nord de Montréal, vers 01h00 hier matin, après avoir scié les barreaux de leur cellule. La police et les autorités du pénitencier ont refusé de donner d’autres détails.

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