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“‘Bling Pig’ Raid,” Kingston Daily Standard. September 4, 1912. Page 01.

Heavy Sentences Were Imposed On Ten Offenders at Cobalt.

Cobalt, Sept. 4. – The biggest ‘blind pig’ raid in months occurred when the Provincial police rounded up thirteen alleged illegal sellers of liquor here and in South Lorraine. Yesterday ten convictions were registered with Inspector George Morrison, prosecuting. Three cases were adjourned till to-day.

The following are the sentences imposed yesterday: Patrick Redmond, $200 or six months in jail; Alphonse Beland, four months in jail; Spiers Romanus, $100; George Peterson, four months: Luke Farrell, four months; John Major, $300 or nine months; Peter Peterson, $100; Joseph Perreault, ten months; Fred Paquette, $300; Bert Deschenes, twelve months.

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