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“Wife Deserter Sentenced,” Toronto Globe. May 5, 1914. Page 09.

Edward Tilson Gets Two Years in the Kingston Penitentiary.

Pleading guilty to a charge of perjury and bigamy, Edward Tilson was sentenced in the Police Court yesterday by Magistrate Denison to two years in the Penitentiary. The accused was charged with swearing he was a bachelor before an issuer of marriage license, well knowing at the time that he had a wife alive in England, and also that he bigamously married. The Morality Department was communicated with by the wife from England, when Tilson stopped sending her ten shilling a week as he had promised to do, and the bigamous marriage was thus discovered. Col. Denison in imposing sentence said that there were far too great a number of wife-deserters appearing in court, and that perhaps the sentence he gave would act as a deterrent.

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