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“March Into Teschen,” Hamilton Spectator. October 8, 1938. Page 01.

Having fled over the Czechoslovakian border into Poland before the Czechs capitulated to Polish demands for the Teschen area, insurgent Poles, led by Dr. Leon Wolf, a former member of the Czech parliament, paraded back in triumph when the territory was finally surrendered. In this photo, first to show occupation of Teschen, the armed Polish civilian legionnaires are pictured marching into Teschen.  – NEA Radiophoto.

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“Foiled,” Montreal Star. September 22,
1938. Page 08. 

The caption reads: ‘Much Disappointed Party: – Drat that
peacemongering Chamberlain!’ 

The cartoon shows a frustrated armed figure, War, towering
over the World. 

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“Nazi Army Drills As Diplomats Ponder,” Montreal Gazette. September 3, 1938. Page 10.

“A battery of heavy artillery laying down a barrage in an attack on the ‘enemy’ during manoeuvres recently held in the vicinity of Grossborn. Chancellor Hitler and General von Brauchilsch, German army chief, attended the war games.” – Wide World Photo.

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“Czechoslovakian Soldiers Prepare,” Montreal Gazette. September 3, 1938. Page 10.

“Infantrymen of the Czech army, among the best equipped and most courageous soldiers in the world, move across an area lined with barbed wire entanglements during war games held to rehearse defence tactics.”  – Wide World Photo

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“Needs A Little Help With The Fuse,” Toronto Star. December 19, 1938. Page 04, editorial. 

Editorial cartoon showing Adolf Hitler asking John Bull and the Bank of England to “Lend Me A Match, Gentlemen?” as he stands holding a fuse labelled ‘War Preparations’ connected to a bomb behind the representatives of the British Empire labelled ‘The Next War’.

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