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“The Wolves Scent The Eagle’s Prey,” Montreal Star, September 24, 1938. Page 08.


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Images of the Czech crisis – Montreal Gazette, September 17, 1938. Page 13.

“French Youths Get Timely Advice [about conscription] / [Jan Masaryk] Gives Czech View / [Members of the Philadelphia Citizens’ Anti-Nazi Committee] Protest Hitler’s Policy.”

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Scenes from the Sudeten Crisis.  Toronto Star, September 16, 1938. Page 25. 

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“Nazi Army Drills As Diplomats Ponder,” Montreal Gazette. September 3, 1938. Page 10.

“A battery of heavy artillery laying down a barrage in an attack on the ‘enemy’ during manoeuvres recently held in the vicinity of Grossborn. Chancellor Hitler and General von Brauchilsch, German army chief, attended the war games.” – Wide World Photo.

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Warsaw Uprising: Soldiers of the 638th heavy artillery battery run towards 600 mm Karl-Gerät “Ziu”

used for the bombardment of Warsaw’s Old Town from Sowiński Park in the Wola district. The statue of general Sowiński can be seen in the background.

Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-695-0424-17A, Warschauer Aufstand.

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“So You Can See Who’s Phoning,” Ottawa Citizen. July 27, 1938. Page 01.

The German husband who telephones home from a bierstube and tells his frau he’s ‘detained at the office’ will be out of luck when use of the new television-telephone apparatus pictured above becomes general. It was recently successfully operated over the 650-kilometer stretch between Berlin and Munich. The Berlin operator shown here holds a cumbersome tramission cell which will be eliminated from sets for home use. He can see the Munich operators in the projection window at left. In the wall, next to it, the round ‘eye’ which transmitted his image to Munich.

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Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)

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