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“Canine Kings Strike Regal Pose in Victory,” Montreal Star, September 26. Page 23.  

“Rulers all, the above dogs provided highlights in the Ladies’ Kennel Club of Canada show on Saturday with popular triumphs.  The winners show are, 1. Account Rendered, best of the Old English Sheep Dog breed; 2. the largest and smallest dogs in the show.  Wee Dolly, winner among Toy Manchester Terriers is perched upon the broad back of Manitou Dan, tops among St. Bernard’s; 3. Sunderland Blue Splendor, leading Collie dog; 4. Golden Sunset offers the cameraman a cocky pose after winning the Chow dogs honors; 5. Golden Play Boy, best wire haired terrier senior party; 6. Unze Von Som, best of breed for Boxers.”

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