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“Famine and World-Hunger Are On Our Threshold – We Must Produce More Food,” Toronto Globe. April 28, 1917. Page 14.

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Today is #CdnAgDay – a day to remember that migrant workers grow much of our food and deserve justice.

This is Patrick Stanio, 66, of St. Lucia, who has worked in Ontario for 37 years as a migrant farm worker but has never qualified for immigration. He works in Ag.

Patrick, and all migrant workers, deserve permanent status now.

photo credit: jim rankin / toronto star

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“Farmers Haul Water To Save Cattle and Crops,” Toronto Daily Star, July 22, 1936. Page Nine.

‘Twenty-four days of drought with no immediate prospect of rain have scorched crops and pasture in many parts of the Toronto district and many farmers have started to draw water in stone-boats to save cattle and some garden crops.  Trucks were used yesterday to haul water from a carefully damned hole in the dried-up Etobicoke creek to market gardens along Queen St. To illustrate how many farmers have to haul water long distances over parched land in York county, L. Chapman, near Nobleton, is shown filling up a barrel on a stone-boat.”

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