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“Inmates Make Effective Use
of Fire Fighting Training,” Federal Corrections.  Volume 2 — No. 3. June-July, 1962

Provision of training for correctional camp inmates
in forest fire fighting techniques paid off recently
in the Bracebridge, Ontario, area, when an inmate
fire-fighting crew from Beaver Creek Correctional
Camp was able to effectively assist Ontario Lands and
Forest Department personnel in bringing a local bush
fire under control. 

The practical proof of the value of this training
came on June 16, when the camp’s Officer K. Knister
received a telephone call from the Forest Ranger’s
office at Bracebridge requesting assistance in extinguishing
a local bush fire. 

Mr. Knister selected four inmates who had successfully completed a fire-fighting course conducted
earlier at the camp, and went with them to the Santa’s
Village area. After receiving instructions, the officer
and four inmates fought the fire for approximately
seven hours alongside one employee of the Department
of Lands and Forests and two civilians, using equipment
provided by the Provincial Government.

For their labour, the inmates were paid by the
Provincial Government at $1.00 per hour. Their
cheques were received by the Accountant at Collin’s
Bay Penitentiary, the Camp’s parent institution, and
deposited in the inmates’ Trust Fund Accounts. 

In recognition of their efforts, Chief Ranger Elliott.
later telephoned Camp Superintendent D.J. Halfhide
to express the Department’s appreciation. Ranger
Elliott congratulated Supt. Halfhide on the inmates’
behaviour, and on the skill they showed in organizing
and in fighting the fire. He made particular mention
(if their use of fire hoes. and their knowledge of the
correct use of fire-fighting hand tools.


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