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“Curb on ‘Brigands of War’ Is Urged,” Montreal Star. January 25, 1937. Page 22.

Bishop Farthing Gives Views On Pacifism At Regiment Dinner

If international action is necessary to restrain ‘the brigands of war,’ then Canada must be prepared to play its part in defending not only itself but also the weaker nations, according to Right Rev. J. C. Farthing, D. D., Bishop of Montreal, when speaking as chaplain of the regiment at Saturday night’s dinner of the Victoria Rifles of Canada, in honor of honorary members of the regiment.

The Bishop stated that he had every sympathy with the pacifists’ horror of war.

‘But the strongest pleas for peace have been made by men like the late Sir Arthur Currie and the late Earl Haig. The men who went through the last war must shrink from another with all their being,’ he said.

Protection Essential
He declared, however, that if a municipality, without a police force, was invaded by ruffians, pacifists would be the first to demand establishment of a police force. 

In his opinion there is nothing for Canadians to do but to prepare to defend themselves against any kind of brigandage which might eventually spread to the North American continent in view of the activities of certain nations in Europe who are seeking to coerce their weaker neighbors.

‘I think we shall preserve the ideals that make for peace,’ he said. ‘These are good citizenship and the living of clean and manly lives. There can be no strife where justice prevails. Communism and Bolshevism are caused by inequalities, but where a nation stands for what is true and just and fair as between man and man, these things cannot grow in a soil of that kind.’

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George Grosz, World Peace. Pen and ink, drawing in pencil on wove paper, 1936. Part of the Interregnum series. Shown in The Month, June 1960. Source.

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George Grosz, Punishment (Strafe). Watercolor and opaque watercolor on paper, 1934. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Erich Cohn. Object number: 169.1934. MOMA.

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“The Path of Arms Profit Leads But To The Grave,” Toronto Star, May 10, 1935. Page 23.

“Preparation. Then fear.  And after that – catastrophe.  Such is the inevitable path trod by nations which heed the salesmen of armament manufacturers.  These agents warn one nation that other countries are arming.  Rearmament begins immediately on a broad scale.  A world-wide arms race is soon underway. Small nations begin to fear that their most aggressive armament programs will not avail against the potential strength of their mightier neighbours.  They are advised to plunge into battle while yet there is time.  War is declared.  Millions of innocent victims – men, women, and children, peaceful as well as militant – are sent to untimely graves.  Only crosses, row on row, are in prospect again in this war-mad world if the armorers have their way – and their profits.”

Remarkable anti-arms dealer, anti-profiteer, anti-militarist photospread from the Toronto Star.

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