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July 28, 2018: a new episode of The Anatomy Lesson at 11pm EST on CFRC 101.9 FM. Present gain, future loss. Music by Society of Unknowns, Wetware, Wasn’t, Raime, Palace Lido, Lotic, Test Dept, Invisible Maggot, Amnesia Scanner & Pan Daijing + more. Check out the whole setlist below, tune in at 101.9 on your FM dial, stream at http://audio.cfrc.ca:8000/listen.pls or listen to the finished show on cfrc.ca or mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/cameronwillis1232/the-anatomy-lesson-july-28-2018/

René Najera – “Waiting for Nothing” Dream Fields (2018)
Pariah – “At the Edge” Here From Where We Are (2018)
Wasn’t – “No Perfect Time” Without (2018)
Lutto Lento – “It’s a Horror and It’s a Wonder” Dark Secret World (2017)
Raime – “Some Things Can Happen Just Like This” Am I Using Content or Is Content Using Me? (2018)
Lotic – “Nerve” Power (2018)
Society of Unknowns – “Dead at Dawn (the endless mix)” Society of Unknowns (1997)

Invisible Maggot – “Blue Body, Blue Bag” (1981)
Test Dept – “Total State Machine” Peyrere (1988)
Palace Lido – “Dance Hall” Concrete (2017)
Rachel Noon – “Copter” Unreleased (2018)
Wetware – “Frequent Dreamlands” Automatic Drawing (2018)
Amnesia Scanner – “AS Chaos (feat. Pan Daijing)” (2018)

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