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“Allege Allan Is Pickpocket,” Hamilton Spectator. July 18, 1919. Page 15.

“Valley Town Man Prefers Charge Against Him

Prisoner Jumped His Bail Here Before

And Court Decided to Take No Further Chances

David Allan, charged with theft of $450, was committed for trial by Magistrate Jelfs in the police court this morning.  A second charge, that of carrying a loaded revolver, was adjourned to enable the magistrate to communicate with the department of justice.  The revolver was found in Allan’s valise, P.C. Buckett stated, and Geo. S. Kerr, who appeared in Allan’s behalf, declared that this was not breaking the law.

Solomon P. Brown, of Dundas, was the complainant against Allan.  Mr. Brown stated that on May 16, when he was buying a ticket for Toronto, he noticed a man whom he thought to be Allan, accompanied by two other men, also getting tickets.  As Mr. Brown was boarding the train, Allan preceded him, he declared, and blocked the entrance.  Brown was jostled from behind and his raincoat pulled aside.  Allan put his arm around Brown, as though to help him, but the complainant felt a tug on his left side pocket, where he kept his money.  He broke away from the men and felt in his pocket and found what he thought to be his money.  An hour later Mr. Brown investigated the contents of his pocket and discovered that only a few loose bills remained and that the bulk of his money was gone.  Several days later, when Allan was arrested, Brown identified Allan as the man who had jostled him.

Mr. Kerr made application for $500 bail, on which Allan had been allowed out of jail several weeks ago, but the court refused to grant it.”

A portion of the Hamilton Police Court reporting for July 18, 1919.

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