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“Robbers’ Guns Blaze in Three Wild Chases,” Toronto Globe. October 8, 1936. Page 09.

One Captured, Four Still at Large – Three Constables Hurt – Pursuits Near Tobermory, Hamilton and New Toronto
Gunfire blazed in three Ontario municipalities yesterday as bandits fled in fast cars pursued by officers.

Five robbers were involved in the three cases, and one man was captured and four are still at large.  One is believed to have been wounded by a police bullet.

Three constables were injured, none seriously.

Arrest Near Tobermory.
Gordon Calvert, formerly of Belleville, was arrested on the lonely Wiarton-Tobermory Road by Provincial Constable Embleton early yesterday, and was charged with robbing the Tobermory Postoffice.  As Calvert fled from the Postoffice in a car, police said, he was fired on by John Fisher, a citizen of Tobermory, who was awakened at the time of the break-in.

Police Crash at Hamilton.
At Hamilton, Constables James Currier and Arthur Robson narrowly escaped death when their police cruiser crashed a cement abutment during a 50-mile-an-hour chase through heavy traffic in pursuit of two men believed to have been in a car stolen from London, Ont.

Four shots were fired into the fleeing machine by the officers, and it is believed the robbers returned the police fire.  The cruiser smashed as it failed to turn a sharp corner at high speed.  Not seriously injured, the officers hailed a passing truck and gave chase again, but the speeding robbers’ car outdistanced them.  the stolen car was discovered by the police a mile and one-half from the scene.

Officer Slugged. 
At New Toronto, Sergeant Robert Weatherup was badly beaten about the head and face when he boarded a fleeing bandit car. Behind him sped Constable Nelson Yates in a police cruiser, firing upon the escaping car.  Sergeant Weatherup climbed from the running-board of the bandit car to the back seat, but was slugged as he reached forward to switch off the ignition.  The bandits dumped him on to the highway, and, while Constable Yates stopped the cruiser to pick up Weatherup, the robbers escaped.  Constable Yates is believed to have injured one of the bandits during an exchange of gunfire.”

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Training of policewomen, possibly 1909. 

National Photo Company, Library of Congress.  No additional information is provided about these trainings, but another photograph that comes up identifies another training of the Women’s Bureau of the D.C. Police Dept.


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