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“Find Hidden Clubs After Gang Arrest,” Toronto Star. July 6, 1948. Page 04.

York county police last night announced discovery of a cache of home-made clubs followed the arrest of 15 youths at Lake Wilcox Sunday, on charges of vagrancy and trespassing. Members of a self-styled ‘beanery gang’ from Toronto’s east end, the boys and girls are among those who have been creating disturbances in the Musselman’s Lake and Lake Wilcox areas for weeks:

Ontario provincial police and officers from York county, Newmarket, Aurora, and Whitchurch township took part in a raid when the gang members were rounded up in a lakefront barn after complaints from a cottager early Sunday.

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“Police Get Six More of American Gun Mob,” Toronto World. November 27, 1908. Page 01.

Authorities Think They Have Bunch of Dangerous Men.

Six more men, believed to be members of an American ‘gun-mob,’ as bad as any that has visited this city in some time, were bagged in a Jarvis-street house yesterday. They are held as vags [vagrants].

Detectives Wallace, Mackie, Lipton, Archibald and Armstrong made the roundup.

Those got were: James Lee, Ottawa: George McDonald, W. Scott, James Higgins, Charles Corley and James Cook.

Three others were got earlier in the week.

One of the men taken yesterday wore a handsome gold-filled watch. It is openfaced. The case number is 7,441,000. The number of the works is 13,287,559. Detective Wallace says he would like to find the real owner.

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