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“The Wolves Scent The Eagle’s Prey,” Montreal Star, September 24, 1938. Page 08.

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“Foiled,” Montreal Star. September 22,
1938. Page 08. 

The caption reads: ‘Much Disappointed Party: – Drat that
peacemongering Chamberlain!’ 

The cartoon shows a frustrated armed figure, War, towering
over the World. 

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“Our Own Louis XIV,” Montreal Star. January 27, 1937. Page 08.

PREMIER MITCH LOUIS XIV HEPBURN: – Superior Court judgement against me? Bah! L’état, c’est moi.

Premier of Ontario Mitch Hepburn, dressed as Louis XIV, drops a bundle of papers labelled Superior Court Quebec vs. Ontario Power Case into a rubbish bin, along with other garbage labelled ‘contracts.’

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“A Flight of Doves,” Montreal Star. January 21, 1937. Page 08.

‘And When You Get to Europe, Stay There!’

[Hopes are expressed that President Roosevelt, after the success of the Pan-American Conference, may attempt to use his great influence in the cause of European peace.]

– Published by Special Arrangement with Punch.

Roosevelt, as Noah, releases doves from his Ark, hoping when they find land, in this case specifically Europe, they will bring peace to that land. The Deluge is, I guess, the chaos of the world?

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“Mary And Her Little Lamb,” Montreal Star. January 9, 1937. Page 08.

“Mary Had A Large-Sized Lamb
Its Fleece Was Not Like Snow;
And Everywhere That That Lamb Went,
Mary Was Forced To Go.”

Europe, as Mary, is dragged by her not so little lamb marked ‘Dictatorial Caprice.’

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“‘And No Parole or Reprieve’: Another Twelve Months’ Hard in Sight,” Montreal Star. January 6, 1937. Page 10.

A political cartoon showing the taxpayer as prisoner, breaking stones that read federal, provincial and assorted municipal taxation.

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“The U.S.-Japanese Negotiations,” Sherbrooke Daily Record. December 6, 1941.

National representatives of the United States and Japan sit on a see-saw, carefully balanced – the Japanese delegate hanging over an abyss, but threatening the U.S.: ‘Have a care or I quickly to jump off and you maybe break a leg!’ 

Cartoon by Herbert Block aka Herblock.

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