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“Hold-up et fructueuse chasse à l’homme dans l’est,”

Le Petit journal
, August 22, 1948. Page 03.

Un bandit de 23 ans a causé tout un émoi, vendredi matin, dans la paisible paroisse de Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, à l’extrême est de Montréal. Cerné par des policiers, il a vite du rendre l’argent volé, une somme d’environ $17,000, et reprendre le chemin de la prison qu’il n’avait quittée que le mois dernier. Les photos ci-haut retracent ce drame. A l’extrème gauches, les constables Edouard Leriche, Thibeault et St-Aubin encadrent le prévenu, qui a dit se nommer Bob Robert, mais dont le nom véritable seriat Marcel Davidson. La photo suivante montre le sergent X. Vailliancourt, de la Circulation, et l’agent Charbonneau, de Radio-Police, tenant la serviette aux $17,000. A noter que M. Vaillancourt n’était nullement de service, au moment du drame. Par dévouement, il a littéralement sauté dans son pantalon, pour donner le chasée au bandit, sur sa motorcyclette, et c’est à lui que revient surtout l’honneur de la capture. M. Vailliancourt  n’avait ni bretelles ni ceinture, et c’est un copain policier qui le voyant en train de perdre son patalon lui a prêté une ceinture. La photo suivante montre le local de la banque où

le bandit s’est emparé des $17,000, à l’angle des rues Boyce et Monsabré. Deux policiers ont vu le bandit démarrant dans une auto Ford, portant une licence ontarienne. C’est alors que la chasse commença, conduite par le motocycliste Vaillancourt, pour se terminer dans un cul-de-sac, d’où

le bandit se sauve à travers champs pour être bientôt cerné. A l’extrème droite, Mme. Henri Desrosiers, et son jeune fils, habitant le logis situé au-dessus de la banque,

le malandrin a tiré deux coups de revolver pour mieux effrayer les commis de banqus. L’un des projecticles a percé le plafond de la banque et le plancher du logis de Mme Desrosiers, passant à quelques pouces du sofa (cercie noir)

elle se reposait avec son enfant. 

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“Eight Years’ Sentence Meted Out to N. Ryan,” Toronto Globe. June 16, 1915. Page 05.

Fellow Burglar, J. W. Turner, Gets Two Years – Miss O’Donahue One Year.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
Owen Sound, June 16. – Norman Ryan was sentenced to eight years in Kingston Penitentiary by Police Magistrate A. D. Creasor this morning on two charges of burglary. Ryan’s partner in crime, John William Turner, was given two years in Kingston. Miss Kate O’Donahue, arrested for receiving stolen goods, was sentenced to one year in the Mercer Reformatory.

Ryan was given the heaviest sentence because the evidence given showed that he had been the leader of the gang. Turner got an easy sentence partly bceause County Crown Attorney Dyre had received many letters from Toronto people giving him a good character, several of those writing stating that they would give him employment if he returned to the city.

Ryan and Turner were taken to Toronto this afternoon in charge of P. C. Carson. They are alleged to be the men who held up employees and robbed the offices in several Toronto institutions recently.

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“Local Police Sought Owen Sound Gunmen,” Toronto Globe. June 5, 1915. Page 08.

Posse Bags Desperate Pair Accused of Toronto Crimes


Toronto Authorities Declared ‘Battling’ Turner and Norman Ryan, Who Have Several Aliases, Rifled Cash Drawers at Point of Revolver.

Robert J. Bell and John Williams, who were arrested on Thursday in Owen Sound after an all-day chase through the woods and a revolver fight with constables and a posse, are, according to Detective Inspector Kennedy, William ‘Battling’ Turner and Norman Ryan, who are wanted in Toronto to answer charges to be laid in connection with the hold-ups at the Sterling Actions and Keys Limited, and the Dominion Express Company offices in Parkdale. Their alleged partner, Connolly, has already been sentenced on one charge.

The arrests nipped in the bud what promised to be a career of serious crime. Ryan since his youth has showed that he was a person who held human life lightly. He is on parole from Kingston Penitentiary, where, he was serving a three-year sentence for shooting a farm near Brampton when the farmer refused to carry his bicycle to the city after it had broken down. The local police do not know Turner.

Robed Piano Office.
In the late spring Ryan and Connolly entered, according to the local police, the offices of the piano action company in Parkdale and after firing at the office stfaf made off with $1,500. Connolly was arrested some weeks later at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Previous to this Connolly waged a street fight with Detective Nichols on Queen street west and escaped after emptying the contents of his automatic revolver. Detective Nichols was searching for him in connection with a hold-up on Wright avenue. It was on this charge that he was recently sentenced after being identified by the householder.

Held Up Express Clerks.
Ryan and Turner, the police allege, after Connolly’s conviction, held up a man on Ossington avenue before they carried off $100 from the Dominion Express Company at the point of the revolver. the Man returned to his home at midnight. When he entered he found one of the men in the dining-room and met a loaded revolver. As he fled from the house to the street he met the second gunman, who stopped him with a revolver and obtained $2 and his watch.

Since this, it is alleged, they have been travelling through Ontario on stolen motorcycles and committing burglaries. Their arrest in Owen Sound was due to the theft of a motorcycles and committing burglaries. Their arrest in Owen Sound was due to the theft of a motorcycle and information from the local police.

Owen Sound, June 4. – (Special.)- Norman Ryan, alias N. J. Bell, and William Turner, alias John Williams, the two young men captured yesterday evening by the police after an exciting all-day chase through Sydenham township and after a lively exchange of shots, appeared before Police Magistrate A. D. Creasor this morning, and were remanded to jail for a week on the charge of stealing a motorcycle from Forbes Miller’s garage. Both men, it is stated, made admission to the police to-day that they had been mixed up in shady doings elsewhere. When asked why he had opened fire on the police yesterday, Ryan said it meant life for him if he was taken, but he would say no more. Both have admitted knowing something of the Parkdale Dominion Express Co. robbery.

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