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“Poor-Box Robber Is Caught In N.Y.,” Toronto Globe. November 27, 1918. Page 03.

Toronto Youth Confesses When Arrested That He Had Made Atttempt

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
New York, Nov. 26. – Samuel Gross, nineteen years old, of Toronto, who carried a Canadian registration card, but not permit to rob the poor boxes of New York city, was frustrated this afternoon through the clever and courageous work of Miss Adele Eggers of 1,847 Harrison Avenue.

Miss Eggers, with her mother, was out for her first airing following a serious illness and had stopped at a bakery on Washington Heights to make a purchase. She was standing at the counter, waiting for her mother to make a selection, when, she told a detective later, she espied in the mirror behind the counter Gross trying to loosen the contribution box for the blind from the wall near the door.

Miss Eggers, weak though she was, pounced upon Gross, who had succeeded in unfastening the box and was starting for the door with it concealed beneath his overcoat which he carried on his arm.

His First Attempt.
Despite her game efforts, Miss Eggers was unable to hold on to Gross, who wrenched himself free and in doing so hurried the girl and the contribution box to the tiled floor of the store. A chase of five blocks up St. Nicholas avenue ensued, and this meanest of thieves was overtaken through the sprinting ability of Traffic Patrolman Henry Stake, who outdistanced the quickly gathering crowded by several hundred yards.

Questioned by detectives, Gross denied he was a slacker from Canadian military service and declares this was his first attempt to pilfer poor boxes. He said he had been working in restaurants and ‘bumming it’ during the four months he has been here from Toronto, sleeping when he had ‘the price’ at the Mills Hotel at 36th street and 7th avenue.

There was between $5 and $6 in the shattered box when the contents were counted later.

Mrs. Eggers is apprehensive lest her daughter’s experience cause a relapse in the girl’s condition.

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