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“Slayer Endures Awful Agony,” Kingston Daily Standard. August 5, 1912. Page 05.

Existed on Berries and Leaves For Weeks.

Clothes Were Torn in Ribbons – Charged With the Murder of His Wife in July Last.

Montreal, August 5. – Detective L. G. Lapointe, of the provincial bureau, has returned from Beauce County, where he arrested Alexander Wintle, accused of the murder of his wife Frances Wright.

The police declare that Wintle endured frightful sufferings in the woods around Beauce before he was arrested. When he disappeared it was thought he had suicided.

The crime for which Wintle is accused was committed on July 11, and it was not until last Wednesday, that Wintle was arrested.

On the day after the murder, Wintle’s clothes were found on the river bank, two miles from his home. Several days later, however, he presented himself at the house of a neighbour named Boucher. From that time he was not seen again until arrested by Detective Lapointe. When taken in charge the accused murderer appeared to have lost his reason through his sufferings.

He told the police that for three weeks he had lived in a forest nearly 100 miles square. For 17 days he struggled about, eating berries and green leaves. At night he slept wherever he happened to be .

When he was arrested his clothes were torn to ribbons and his feet were bare. He was nearly starved to death.

When arrested, Wintle threw himself to his knees and cried: ‘Do not kill me, sir. I wish to live.’

Detective Lapointe left the man in prison at St. Joseph de la Beauce when he will remain until after the inquest, on August 6, by Magistrate Angers.

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