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August 20, 2016: a new episode of The Anatomy Lesson at 11pm EST on CFRC 101.9 FM. Because humans are hard. Music by PM (David Prescott & Minóy), Abul Mogard, the mysterious Brian Aspro, Big City Orchestra & Deathranch, Krylon Hertz, JLK & Babysitter, Cienfuegos, ARIISK, and new releases out on summer-isle and koreaundokgroup. Check out the whole setlist below, tune in at 101.9 on your FM dial, stream at http://audio.cfrc.ca:8000/listen.pls or download the finished show at cfrc.ca or on mixcloud here.

Death Kneel – “The Margin of Leisure Immeasurably Widened” Champagne Everlast
JLK & Babysitter – “Humans are Hard” JLK&BABYSITTER II (2013)
Abul Mogard – “Despite Faith” Works
PBK & Artemis K – “Body Fixated World” Dreams Into Dust (2008)
Cienfuegos – “Trabajito” Lost In God’s Country
The New Me – “Alternative Police” God Field
Big City Orchestra + Deathranch – “For We Love No One” Massacre of the Innocents (1985)

Dogon Lock – “Pulp/Lore” Black Spring compilation
James K – “Paranormal” PET
Krylon Hertz – “Incubation No. 2” Smuggle Death (1978)
Brian Aspro – “Mysterious Sequences of Something Equally Impressive” Music for BBC2 Documentaries (1982)
ARIISK – “Zero Zero Momentum” Mode Bionics
PM (David Prescott & Minoy) – “The Lovers” The Dying Man (1987)

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