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“Let them die in the streets” USA, 1990

This is a Gran Fury piece for ACT-UP. Landlords were evicting AIDS victims (and had been for years.) There were no legal protections to stop this, and AIDS was such a great stigma that these people were largely being erased.

ACT-UP installed an enamel sign in Petrosino Square, NYC.

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“Tomorrow – Out in the Street,” Montreal Gazette. August 14, 1952. Page 14.

“A frantic two-year search by widowed Mrs. Bridget Griffin to find ‘someplace to live’ for her nine children and herself continued yesterday, but Montreal landlords still have her the same answer: ‘Sorry, no children.’ In 1950, the family was told to find a new home because its present dwelling was condemned and would be torn down. She could not find anything.  This month she was told that the building would be demolished on August 13, giving her only two weeks to continue the search. ‘Oh, I’ve been offered places,’ she remarked, ‘but you have to pay $1500 for the furniture.’ The Catholic Welfare Bureau has aided her, but nothing has turned up.  Last night, she didn’t know where to turn. Demolition of the adjoining building began last week, and workers are expected to start tearing down her place, 928. Ste. Cecile street, tomorrow.”

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