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“My Ark cannot be a wide popular movement. Nor can it be a movement among people in power and authority. Ordinary people won’t understand a new world they have never seen. That needs some cultivation of the imagination, and people who find this world full of gratifications, will resist any move towards a new world. They will detest the Ark idea, they will gather round to mock and hinder it until the inundation is rolling them over and over. So how do we man the Ark? Wait a bit, Noah; what was that sentence you wrote down when you awoke? Something quintessential for the élite and something very strong and clear and simple for the masses of mankind. Did that get a little deeper into our problem?” 

– H. G. Wells, All Aboard for Ararat. 1940. Chapter 2. 

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“A Flight of Doves,” Montreal Star. January 21, 1937. Page 08.

‘And When You Get to Europe, Stay There!’

[Hopes are expressed that President Roosevelt, after the success of the Pan-American Conference, may attempt to use his great influence in the cause of European peace.]

– Published by Special Arrangement with Punch.

Roosevelt, as Noah, releases doves from his Ark, hoping when they find land, in this case specifically Europe, they will bring peace to that land. The Deluge is, I guess, the chaos of the world?

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