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“Two Prisoners for Pen.” Kingston Daily Standard. October 8, 1912. Page 08.

Deputy Sheriff Jarvis, Toronto, arrived in the city on Saturday afternoon with two prisoners for the penitentiary. They were Bernard McMahon, who will serve three years for assault, and Harry Beatty, who will serve the same length of time for theft.
“Italian Sent Down.” Kingston Daily Standard, October 8, 1912. Page 08.

An Italian, Rocco Lombardo, was sentenced to two and a half years in Portsmouth Penitentiary for a vicious assault on two fellow country-men at Toronto. Both the injured men were in court and exhibited the marks of the wounds which had been inflicted.

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“Five Years In Pen,” Kingston Daily Standard. August 6, 1912. Page 08.

Lemuel Scriver, sentenced at Picton for five years for theft, was brought to Portsmouth Penitentiary Monday afternoon. He was brought down on the noon train.

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“Robbed Visitor, Goes to Prison,” Toronto Star. August 5, 1910. Page 10.

Nine Months for Edward Walsh – The Money Goes Back to His Victim


George Empey Went Back to His Former Boarding House and Stole $42/
Because the bills found on Edward Walsh corresponded with those taken from Thomas White, a Californian, Walsh will go to the Central for nine months. It was some days ago that the charge was laid. White had been met at the station by two strangers, drinks followed, then he slept in a downtown hotel, and $245 disappeared from his pocket. The bills were on the First National Bank of Los Angles, and $150 of the same bank were found on Walsh by Detective Taylor. White gets the roll of $150.

Irene Britton, convicted as frequenter of a house of ill-fame, was fined ten dollars and costs.

Robbed Former Landlord.
Claiming that Grover Empey went back to his former boarding house, 188 Spadina avenue, entered during the night and stole $42, the proprietor, John Cansaul, pressed the charge against him in this morning’s Police Court.

‘Took it while I was sleeping,’ complained Cansaul, and the young man did not deny it.

He goes to the Central for four months, and any money found goes back to the owner.

Court Visitor Locked Up.
Herscharn Hertz, for many weeks a familiar figure about the court room as spectator, has been taken into custody, and will be examined by a doctor.

Ernest Carter was remanded a week on two charges of theft, $30 from A. E. Hockins, and a gold ring from Mrs. R. J. Moyes. To the theft of the former amount from his employer, the plea was guilty, but the boy’s mother was in court to press for leniency. 

They Were Acquitted.
‘He didn’t say anything to me about borrowing a few feeds of oats,’ said George Brennan, flatly contradicting the story of Ernest Amos, who was charged jointly with Charles Howard with the theft of a bag of eats from George Stevenson.

It was one to one on the evidence, for Howard had not heard the conversation. No records were against the two young men, so the charges were dismissed.

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“Thief Gives Two Years,” Kingston Daily Standard. July 27, 1912.

William Hughes, a Belleville character, was sentenced to two years in the Portsmouth Penitentiary for the theft of a $40 gold watch.

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“Thieves Busy Over Holiday,” Hamilton Spectator. July 21, 1919. Page 14.

Stolen Large Quantity of Goods From Store

Forced Rear Door and Tied Up Dog On Guard

Thieves did a considerable business over the holiday and last night. One store was looted, and a large amount of goods taken, another house was broken into, and some articles also stolen out of a boat-house. In addition, two automobiles were stolen and several minor thefts reported to the police. 

A grocery store conducted by L. J. Pringle, 14 Duke street, at 1425 Barton street east, was broken into and a large quantity of groceries and meats stolen. In addition, 200 packages of players and 15 packages of Gold Crest cigarets were taken; also of Bull Durham tobacco. The goods taken are roughly valued at $200. The police are of the opinion that the thieves carted the stolen goods away in an automobile. A dog which was in the store at the time was found tied up. When the thieves entered, by forcing a rear door, they three cayenne pepper in its eyes.

James Kelly, 192 Kensington avenue north, reported to the police that thieves jhad entered his boathouse off Ottawa street, some time last night. They stole two camp chairs, an axe, water pail, cushions and a clock; also a lamp, all the dishes in the place, and some rubber coats and hats. The thieves effected an entrance by chopping in a door with an axe. Last Sunday the same boat-house was broken into and a quantity of goods stolen. The police are investigating.

The home of Lupu Goldenthal, 151 Cannon street west, was broken into last night, and cash amounting to $265 stolen. Mr. Goldenthal and his wife were at Wabasso park when the house was entered. The ground floor was ransaked by the thieves, but only the money is missing. The thieves got into the house by removing a front window. The police expect to arrest certain suspects in this case.

Miss Janet McCullough, 140 Ottawa street north, reported to the police that someone had stolen a gum box from in front of her home. Boys are suspected.

A suit of clothes, valued at $50, the property of Fred Popoff, 131 Park street north, was stolen from his houses some time last night. The police have arrested a man whom they claim stole the suit and was trying to sell same.

Konstanten Mochlock, a returned soldier, 403 Sherman avenue north, reported to the police that his pockets were picked or he list a purse containing three twenty dollar bills, his restaurant license and army discharge papers. He is of the opinion that he lost the purse in Dundurn park.

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“Sent to Industrial School.” Kingston Daily Standard. July 17, 1912. Page 08.
In juvenile court this morning a 16 year old lad was sent to the Industrial School. He was found guilty of having stolen a fare box from the Street Railway Company. Another boy who was implicated in the theft was remanded. There were five in the crowd, and warrants are out for the other three.

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“An Ottawa Burglar,” Kingston Daily Standard. July 12, 1912. Page 01.

Severin Desjardins Comes to Penitentiary for Five Years.

Ottawa, July 12. – Severin Desjardins, the young man who entered the premises of Mrs. Jos. Belliveau, on Blackburn avenue, in broad daylight assaulted Mrs. Belliveau, and stole a purse containing $25, was sentenced by Deputy Magistrate Askwith to five years in Portsmouth Penitentiary.

This is only one of a list of sentences imposed on Desjardins, all for burglary, house and shop breaking. A little over a year ago, he was sentenced to Central Prison for a term of two years for shop breaking and at the time of his recent arrest was out on parole. He had been out only a month.

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