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“Two Prisoners for Pen.” Kingston Daily Standard. October 8, 1912. Page 08.

Deputy Sheriff Jarvis, Toronto, arrived in the city on Saturday afternoon with two prisoners for the penitentiary. They were Bernard McMahon, who will serve three years for assault, and Harry Beatty, who will serve the same length of time for theft.
“Italian Sent Down.” Kingston Daily Standard, October 8, 1912. Page 08.

An Italian, Rocco Lombardo, was sentenced to two and a half years in Portsmouth Penitentiary for a vicious assault on two fellow country-men at Toronto. Both the injured men were in court and exhibited the marks of the wounds which had been inflicted.

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“Chaffeurs Sentenced,” Toronto Globe. May 17, 1919. Page 09.

Sir William Mulock Thinks Lash Might Cure Reckless Drivers

Russian Gets Five Years

“The time for leniency in cases where chauffeurs run down and kill or injure pedestrians on the public highway has gone past, they must be treated with the utmost severity and if long imprisonment won’t do then we may have to institute the lash with it.’ So said Chief Justice, Sir William Mulock, in passng on John Warren and Max Helpern, two young chaffeurs, who were found guilty of manslaughter last week by juries at the Assizes.

John Warren was sentenced to 15 months at the Jail Farm and Max Helpern to one year in the same institution.

Addressing Warren, Sir William said: ‘Chaffeurs, like men in charge of a train, should never drink whisky before going on duty.’

Lucky Only Three Years
John Turner, found guilty of unlawfully wounding his brother-in-law, Benjamin Pringle, will go to the penitentiary for three years. ‘You are lucky that the jury reduced the charge from attempted murder to wounding,’ Sir William told him.

The bench remanded Bazil Bilouki, a Russian, who was convicted of unlawfully wounding W. Meed, that when his country was at war he had not gone to assist, but had preferred to stay in Canada and unlawfully bring whisky from Montreal for his personal profit. The Russian will go to the penitentiary for five years.

Gets Six Months.
George Serenko, also a Russian, who had enlisted with the Canadian forces and gone to France to fight, was sent to prison for six months dated from Feb. 23, for wounding Basil Nezbotsky, a compatriot, when crazed with drinking bad whisky.

Sir William frankly told Hiram Davis, convicted of attempting to bribe the police, that he did not believe his story that the $600 found on him the night of his arrest were the earnings of his grocery store for the previous day. Davis goes to prison for three months.

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