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Operation of Motor Cars and Motor Boats. Seventh Revised Edition, 1911. Published by National Carbon Co., Cleveland, Ohio.


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LE MONDE CRIMINEL: Histoire des Prisons D’état, Des Prisons Criminelles, Des Galeries, Des Bagnes et de leurs Habitants. Suite de Recits et de Révelations a l’instar Des Mémoires de Vidoq et Des Mystéres de Paris. Paris: B. Renault, Editeur. 1846. First Frontpiece.

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Crime and Criminals by The Prison Reform League.  Prison Reform League Publishing: Los Angeles, 1910.  Title page, dedication and table of contents. Read the whole book on archive.org.

I really like this book – unlike many prison reform books from the time, it connects local and state prisons with police and capital punishment issues.  Thoroughly systemic, is what I’m saying.

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