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“Idiots In Jail.” Kingston Daily Standard. October 11, 1912. Page 04.

Scandalous to Place Them There, Says Mr. Justice Latchford.

Whitby, Oct. 11. – Commenting upon a complaint contained in the presentment of the grand jurors respecting the detention of weak-minded people in jails, at the county assizes here, Mr. Justice Latchford, said: ‘I feel very strongly on this question, which is confronting every county council in Ontario. I have no hesitation in repeating that it is scandalous to place the weak-minded and innocent idiotic in jail. There are not criminals, and merit better treatment. There is no reason why these conditions should exist in a rich province like Ontario. It is a shame. I understand, that the protests of the grand juries has caused the government to look into the matter. Proper institutions for the insane should be established in every province and county, and the sooner the better it will be in the interests of humanity.

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“Big Insane Hospital,” Kingston Daily Standard. July 10, 1912. Page 12.

One To Be Erected at Whitby Costing $700,000 – Individual Treatment.

Toronto, July 10. – A radical change in the system of treating the mentally unfortunate has been adopted in the Ontario government’s plans for the new hospital for the insane, at Whitby. The plans for the group of buildings are nearing completion and upon final approval work will be commenced without delay. The cost will be about $700,000.

The plans show that the Government proposes to entirely abandoned the old system of treating the insane in one great central building, a system condemned by the foremost specialists in the world. Individual treatment will be followed throughout and the buildings will be arranged as far as possible to give the patients natural surroundings.

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“Three Men Sent To The Pen,” Whitby Gazette. June 17, 1915. Page 05.

It is no summer day’s pastime to attempt to escape from the Provincial detention camp, if one might so dub the Asylum farm at Whitby. So Robert Armstrong and Louie Waxman have found to their sorrow. Emboldened perhaps by the leniency shown a prisoner last week who tried to escape and failed, and who was remanded for sentence, Armstrong and Waxman made a break for liberty. They were caught, and His Worship the Police Magistrate gave each two years in Kingston Penitentiary – just as an example to others. Another man, Harold Knudson, who was convicted of stealing a horse from Mrs. John Shaw, of Longford, was also sentenced to two years in the Pen. Knudson was out on parole for another offence, when this theft took place. Sheriff Paxton took the three men to Kingston to-day.

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“Penitentiary Terms for Three Toronto Men,” Toronto Globe. April 21, 1917. Page 05.

Convicted of Stealing from A Whitby Store – Also Took Automobile.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)
Whitby, April 20. – Albert Sparks, five years; John O’Donnel, four years, and Arthur Miller, three years, in the Penitentiary, were the sentences imposed by Judge McGillvray to-day on three Toronto young men, convicted of stealing more than $200 worth of fountain pens, cigars, tobacco, candy, etc. from the store of T. G. Whitfield here on the night of March 24. These are the men who also stole an auto belonging to the Consolidated Plate Glass Company and abandoned it in a ditch near Oshawa after the theft.

They were defended by W. K. Murphy of Toronto, and pleaded not guilty, but the evidence of Russell Dorsey of Oshawa clinched the case against them.

Dorsey told of the men calling at his home in Oshawa on Sunday, March 25, and of taking him and two others in the auto out to a place in the country where they had the loot hidden. Dorsey sold some of the pens in Oshawa, and was arrested on a charge of receiving stolen property. Sparks, O’Donnel and Miller were apprehended in Toronto after disposing of several pens in a pawn-shop, Col. J. E. Farwell, K.C., was prosecuting Crown Attorney.

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“A Fifth Arrest.” Toronto Globe. April 13, 1917. Page 05.

“Whitby, April 12. – (Special.) – Arthur Stewart of Oshawa was taken into custody yesterday and lodged in the County Jail on a charge of having stolen goods in his possession. This is in connection with the recent robbery from Whitfield’s drug store. The three other men charged with the theft, Albert Miller, John O’Donnell and Arthur Sparks, all of Toronto, have been committed for trial, and Russell Darcy of Oshawa is out on bail.”

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“Young Men Charged with Whitby Robbery,” Toronto Globe. April 6, 1917. Page 03.

Some Fountain Pens Taken, Found In Pawnbroker’s In Toronto.

(Special Despatch in The Globe.)
Whitby, April 3. – Three young men, Arthur Moller, Albert Sparks, and John O’Donnell, arrested in Toronto on Monday, came before Joseph White, J. P., here yeesterday afternoon, charged with being implicated in the robbery of Whitfield’s drug store last week, when more than $200 worth of fountain pens and other goods was taken. The three were taken into custody in Toronto, where it is alleged they disposed of some of the fountain pens to a pawnbroker there. Some of the pens have been identified by Mr. Whitfield.

A witness testified to having seen the men in Oshawa and near Whitby on the day following the theft, riding in a motor car, which is supposed to have been the one stolen from the Consolidated Plate Glass Co., and abandoned on the road between here and Oshawa.

All three are in their early twenties. They were remanded for a further hearing next Wednesday.

Norman D’Arcy of Oshawa, alleged to have had some of the stolen property on him and to have sold some of it, was also up for a preliminary hearing. He claimed the men came to his house and asked him to drive their car around Oshawa for them. He was remanded until Saturday.

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